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Ken Heine
1/17/2004 4:27:51 PM

Ufology is the study of nothing -

Since all vehicles are created by someone or something they all have a name. Anyone who observes a vehicle and doesn't know what it is called is Uniformed. To continue to call the vehicle itself an Unidentified Flying Object when objects don't fly - vehicles do, demonstrates the level of intelligence of the obeserver. So UFO is a term that describes nothing and Ufology is the study of nothing.

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Robert L. Sharp
1/17/2004 5:23:33 PM

Just what is this term uniformed as you call it?

Ken Heine
1/17/2004 5:38:31 PM

Uninformed as in not having been told, not being aware, not being able to figure it out. Wouldn't a more appropriate term be Isology - The study of Interstellar Spacecraft or Interpanetary Spacecraft or am I rocking the UFO boat? It seems to me anything that can get to Earth would have to be more intelligent than us so we should at least be using terminology that is more consistent with the objectives. Are there any objectives?

Robert L. Sharp
1/17/2004 6:04:04 PM

I'm sorry for misunderstanding what you said. If you look at your spelling,
you spelled "uniformed' , not "uninformed". I thought there was a new term
or something. I know what you mean my uninformed.
Thanks for clearing that up.

1/17/2004 6:20:50 PM

Well I bet the Native Americans, French, Mexicans and all the other Indigenous people who had settled land until the Manifest Destiny of this country came upon them felt they "owned" their homes. We just believe we own it because we believe that our government has control of it. Sort of like the British thought they had control of it till we decided we dont like their methods.

Robert L. Sharp
1/17/2004 6:26:43 PM

Which heading or subject are you referring to? This reply is under Ufology is the
study of nothing.

Don Tago
1/17/2004 6:56:07 PM

Mr Heine,

You are wasting everyones time with this ridiculous arguement of semantics. YES, the term UFO is an old military term used to describe an object that is seen in the sky that has not been formally identified. But it has evolved into more popularly mean "alien spaceship" and if you have not picked up on that, you must have been living in a hole the last 70 years. But you dont stop there, you continue to say, "objects dont fly, vehicles do!" Well mr Heine, i thought vehicles drove and planes flew. As im sure you know, ANYTHING that has mass could be refered to as an object. You could be an object, a guitar could be an object, as could an alien spacecraft, if someone indeed saw one. This shows Mr Heine how good you are picking the important details out of a conversation. While everyone is discussing whether UFO sighting have happened or not, you are too busy arguing whether they should even be called UFOs. Maybe you should remember your Shakespeare "Does not a rose, by any other name, smell just as sweet?"


PS. notice how i did not point out how you misspelled "uninformed," that would be diverging from the entire point of the message.

Ken Heine
1/17/2004 7:02:30 PM

Mr Tago - when you wake up and realize what is going on on this planet and how uniformed you are you will realize that ufology is the study of nothing - that Interstellar spacecraft dont fly because they dont follow Bernoullis principle and they use Applied Electromagnetic Force Mechanics - thats why they dont have wings they would just slow them down. further more you will also notice that i am pointing out that

Ken Heine is Heineken - so there

Don Tago
1/17/2004 7:22:22 PM

Mr Heiniken, or whatever

Well, i am not uniformed now, but i was back when i went to Catholic high school. Additionally, Bernoulli's principle still applies to UFOs in our atmosphere, despite whether they have wings or not, air still moves across them as they move. Also, since you know SO much about UFOs and their propulsion systems, how about you break down Applied Electromagnetic Force Mechanics to me, since i am SOOOO uninformed, i would love to hear a quick rundown of its workings, and im sure someone who is as versed as you could do that very simply. I searched Google, and the only other mentioning on the ENTIRE internet i found of it was in this very forum by a post from Melina about Volutes. But im here, so give me a shout back when you have a clue.

Ken Heine
1/17/2004 7:34:44 PM

Bernoulli's Principle
Concerning flight, Bernoulli's Principle has to do with the shape of an airplane's wing. The bottom is flat, while the top is curved. Air travels across the top and bottom in the same time, so air travels slower on the bottom (creating more pressure) and faster on top (creating less pressure). This supposedly keeps the plane in the air.

This is used to explain flight in a simplified manner.

If a UFO (since that is what you want to call a Volute) had a curved top and a flat bottom it would create unequal pressure distribution, and if it had wings it would create wing tip vortices, both of these would create drag as the vehicle SLAVEd. Which stands for Synchronous Levitation and Vectorable Electromagnetics.

Applied Electromagnetic Force Mechanics can be seen easier than explained. Its the laws that the planets operate on. Not the ones Newton, Keppler, etc... wrote but the ones they actually work on. A UFO uses the same principles as the planets, uses the free electromagnetics available from all star systems and vectors them, instead of staying in continuous orbit as the objects we call planets do.

PS Melina is Martian Alien - remember the name used in Total Recall??

Don Tago
1/17/2004 7:42:55 PM

Mr Heine

Again you are wrong...Bernoulli's principle is the principle behind WHY airplane wings work, it does not describe the SHAPE of the wing, if you knew anything about it you would know that.

Additionally, to say AEFM is easier to understand seen that described is such an easy cop out. So why dont you explain your statement "A UFO uses the same principles as the planets, uses the free electromagnetics available from all star systems and vectors them, instead of staying in continuous orbit as the objects we call planets do. " i dont quite understand how ship can fly based on the same concept of a planet circling a star. What do you mean by "free electromagnetics" and what do you mean when you say star systems "vector" them. You could at least do that.

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