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Scott johansen
1/18/2004 11:45:24 AM

I found a great article on what we have been discussing as of late.

The following is an article I would like to share with you.

The Real UFO Threat

May 8, 2003

There is enough credible evidence that UFO's are here. I don't even read sighting reports anymore because it's the same thing over and over: flying disk seen. Period. Every permutation on this fact still results in the same thing. They are here.

Let's move beyond the issue of whether they are here or not! They are, and have been since the dawn of man! I even think that the importance of why they are here has been dwarfed by something far greater of which I'll discuss shortly. For all the UFO sightings and apparent abductions what do we really know about them? It can't be for mere human sampling because they must have a million samples by now! It has to be on-going research and experimentation. Just like we continually use rats, monkeys, and sheep over and over for our own experimentation. More than likely it is for some genetic use (perhaps a cross between the two species). Regardless, they have never desired to make a big show of themselves. They come, take what they want, and leave. And why should they formally introduce themselves? Does any of our global behavior warrant an advanced race to make contact? You think we look like we have our act together as we blow each other up, gun each other down, let millions starve in other countries, bomb for oil, and who knows what else!? What exactly do we do that would entice them to want to know us on a more personal level outside of the need for our gene pool? I can't say I'd be crazy to make our acquaintance either! And while we muddle around with ages of suppression to our natural sixth sense, they seem to have perfected it. We may be top dog here on earth, but we're rather undeveloped in universal terms. And while they humanely return us after conducting their experiments, they demonstrate a compassion we have never shown our own rats, monkeys and sheep. Thank goodness for us they are more compassionate than we! They could easily say, "Bah, there are over six billion of these critters walking the earth, why bother taking the time to return them safety? They don't act like they have souls anyway..."

But beyond if and why they are here is something else which should warrant our concern over any extraterrestrial being itself, and that is, what is our government doing with the reverse engineered space crafts they have reportedly made? I just watched a special on FX where a former Area 51 employee stated that not only are these crafts being developed by the U.S. government but that flight simulators exist to train U.S. pilots! So for all of our supposed sightings, which ones are extraterrestrials and which ones are our own military? 70,000 sightings are reported a year. Obviously many of those are not accurate sightings, but even if we say 10% of those are real, that's still a lot of craft in our airspace. An example of questionable UFO behavior is a recent article where it is stated that multiple Turkish pilots witnessed a UFO breaking up a potentially hazardous meteor in earth's atmosphere. Why would aliens care if a bit of earth was blown up?

The government cannot publicly come out with the fact that they possess space crafts for that would be admitting that they have known about aliens all along. The government is about power and control (not keeping a public well informed), and the best way to wield and increase that power is through fear. Dr, Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project has been notified by some well placed insiders that the U.S. government is planning a "cosmic deception" about supposed invading aliens in order to justify spending trillions of dollars on space weapons to combat them. Let's just hypothesize and say that a UFO did blow up a meteor. If it's powerful enough to do that, we know it has significant military potential. Right there gives more credence to the reason why governments would go to great lengths to not only keep it secret, but increase the military budget in order to build more of them. No other country could come close to that kind of speed, maneuverability and in some reported cases, ability to become invisible. We're only talking total world domination through military prowess here....

While an anal probe from an alien being holds no appeal to me, I find the above scenario far more alarming and a more probable threat.

For more information from a very credible UFO site, visit www.disclosureproject.org

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subject: I found a great article on what we have been discussing as of late.

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1/18/2004 11:50:09 AM

also look at this article by Steven Greer

1/18/2004 1:35:25 PM


That for sure won't make us more appealing to alien races if it's true. Curious whats coming up in the near future.

Imagine we enter the galactic stage with a full arsenal of weapons. If aliens had no plan to invade us so far, then they will for sure.


Scott Johansen
1/18/2004 6:42:04 PM

My sentiments exactly

1/19/2004 8:01:10 AM

My opinion about Dr. Steven M. Greer M.D.

I mean he is not around since yesterday. I always had really mixed feelings about his work, especially CSETI. I know his work since more than 10 years when i have been in the encounters forum in compuserve. CSETI is about getting into contact and communication with aliens. Their way to try it at that time was to perform some light show, as in blinking with flashlights towards UFOs to attract their attention. Well umm, to put it diplomatic, it's kind of pretty naive, isn't it ? And of course a lot of mambo jambo around all that stuff, makes people buy books and so, presenting himself always as Mr. Overimportant. May be so.

Then i read about great disclosures and stuff from his SEAS project but not a single useful fact so far, if you're honest. I mean from what he writes it's somehow clear that they can't come forward at full throttle but i'm always a bit sceptic. I'd really like to see some hard facts. Very hard ones. Before i start to unquestioned believe that what he's doing is more than to make a living from.

I think it's the style in which stuff is presented at times. Maybe not even his personal fault but the ones doing the presentation (webpages et al). Using a tad less adjectives like "great", "sensational", "important" would dramatically increase credibility.

Sorry Mr. Greer, but thats my opinion.


1/21/2004 9:46:34 PM

lol im just trying to get the asses of the thread.

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