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subject: What About STS-80?!

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2/1/2004 8:35:39 PM

I want to think it was about 5 years ago Fox did a special on UFO's, they showed the sts80 video perhaps trying their website. sts48 was great.

Me again
2/5/2004 12:33:15 AM

Go to:


The video's and audio links are a pain to get to work sometimes, but some do work. The best organized group of video/audio of the alien-ufo stuff.

They have another shuttle clip on there, that I downloaded from kazaa which I think is more interesting the other STS ones. Show's a rather clear pulsating craft just zooming through space. I thought it might be a satellite, but am unsure what they look like compared to it. I think this one is called, "Shuttle UFO".

Heck, download all you can. Their all kind of interesting. Some are just animations that are meant to be interesting.


4/7/2004 8:17:41 AM

PPL Can you give out the address for the STS-80 Video ?
I'd like to see it ....Thanks

If not why not ?

5/3/2004 2:34:46 PM

The STS-80 tape is impressive but I like the STS-48 tape more.


7/31/2004 11:36:55 PM

Although STS-80 is very impressive and strange.

STS-101 I think is more blatant.

I have the video on my site The NASA Files. You're more than welcomed to download and view it!


8/27/2004 7:45:32 AM

Have you guys seen the sts75 video, it's very impressive and the best UFO footage I've seen to date.

8/29/2004 12:57:59 AM

Scotty, how about a link to a site to view it.


9/26/2004 11:56:24 PM

Yes you can easily download any STS video off of Kazza. For me personally... STS-80 was the smoking gun. There was no doubt in my mind that ET's existed after i saw STS-80.

What i don't understand is why in the begining of the video... when the original craft is seen heading towards earth... the camera sort of switches modes or somthing. Almost like it turns to Nightvision or somthing. The video would have been much better to study and view if the camera stayed in the original mode the entire time.

9/27/2004 12:07:34 AM

This post lead me to take another look at STS-80 and iv'e discovered somthing impressive. At the very end of the video, after the camera zooms out from looking at the original craft heading away from earth.... yet another craft slowly starts to appear at the bottom left corner. Seconds before the video ends... the craft accelerates at an incredible speed heading toward the other crafts in orbit.

Watching the craft make that jump in speed is just amazing to say the least.

William Fox
2/9/2006 10:06:20 PM

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-William Fox

  Replies 11 - 20 (out of 21 total)

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