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Philip Edwards
7/15/2004 4:44:24 AM

Fact or fiction.

I am in contact with an alien researcher and I am trying to find a doctor or scientist who might examine my body for alien substances likt the nerve putty I previously mentioned. At this point I would like to confess I have a hobby which is science fiction writing, this gives one the impression I am a liar. I am not a liar and will prove this by having my body examined come rain or shine. Thought I should confess this. Cheers all.

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Philip Edwards
2/18/2005 7:04:59 AM

I have at last had an appointment with a doctor Keder Kale at Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge England. I told the doctor about my alien encounters and that I was not the type who had had telepathic communication with aliens but a person who had had physical contact but sadly their memories were altered. I think the doctor was understandably shocked and thinks perhaps a more mundane explanation such as a psychosis is the answer. I have not however had any psychological tests as yet, I will recieve a new appointment to see the doctor in about another week`s time. The doctor offered some hope of a body scan, if I do not recieve this I will persue it, perhaps abroad somewhere such as France and I have had people willing to donate money to help in this quest to find an alien nerve implant which could mean a cure for paralysis. I will keep you all informed. About my hypnosis if the doctor considers this a bad idea then I will obtain hypnosis from researchers, this means the question of quackery does not apply.

2/18/2005 9:02:33 AM

sounds interesting, ill be checking back here in bout a month prolly, will be looking forward to reading your post.

Philip Edwards
3/15/2005 2:59:23 AM

I went to see doctor Keder Kale`s secretary yesterday and she said the doctor is still trying to obtain my medical records from York where I used to live and he will send me a new appointment in about a month`s time. To remind everyone, the reason I am seeing a psychiatrist is to see if I have any mental problems which would be made worse by having hypnosis, the new polocy of all professional hypnotists in England is for the client who claims alien abduction, to have such psychiatric tests before hypnosis can begin. This means I could be barred from having hypnosis, good con eh. Fortunately I have alien reshearchers who can give hypnosis if all else fails. It seems I will take most of this year trying to have hypnosis, body scans etc. Once I have done these tests I will make a report of my encounters to major alien websites and then forget about aliens, I will stop posting here. I am telling everyone this because even if you do not believe me and are not interested in my alien encounters, it is always nice to hear how a story ends. So I will keep you informed as events unfold.

Philip Edwards
3/15/2005 6:00:27 AM


Don`t you see C this exactly what the power that be want you to think, that is why they are delaying my tests to make you think I am a fraud. Well I am not a fraud and to prove it here is my e-mail address edwards558@hotmail.com. I am genuine it is just that I am up against the establishment who predict the intelligence level of people like you, can`t you see this, I am being honest with you and trying to tell you that what I have said is genuine and that there are aliens. Please reply, I will answer, I promise you.

Philip Edwards
3/15/2005 6:16:09 AM


Do you not realize that I have no power or control over exactly when the doctors send me an appointment!

3/15/2005 7:41:47 AM

Well it would seem to me that if you wanted to find an alien substance in your body you could easily achieve this through blood tests, skin samples, x-rays, and MRI's. You can obtain these tests at almost any hospital. Why would you claim to be having such difficulty obtaining an appointment for such routine procedures? And more importantly what kind of specialist is this doctor who wont see you?

3/15/2005 9:31:05 AM


Philip Edwards
3/16/2005 2:47:37 AM


I cannot have such tests without a doctor`s say so, a CT scan costs about 1000

3/16/2005 7:09:46 AM

Then make up a complaint and have your insurance company pay for it. Dont say you cant because you dont have insurance because the doctor would not have seen you in the first place without insurance.
I think you should go ahead and have your alien research friends do the tests.

3/16/2005 1:07:11 PM

Phil - I imagine one of the reasons you are getting put off by these doctors is the fact that you were honest enough to tell them the real reason you wanted the tests. Doctors live and die by their reputations and I am sure that very few are brave enough to wade into alien abduction territory. I would also imagine that your government (who I assume will be called upon to cover some or all of the costs) is in no hurry to charge the Queen's subjects for a series of expensive tests for a condition that apparenly poses no threat to your health. I don't think I would want to be the civil servant who has to put his signature on the papers that approve this investigation.

While I personally haven't seen any compelling reasons to take your experiences at face value, I sincerely hope that they allow you to go forward with this - just to give yourself some peace of mind.

Good luck!


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