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the professor
1/20/2004 1:10:45 AM

don tago in fraud uncovered

don tago recently explained some giberish about radio waves 70 years ago ,another 70 years at light speed to get here-now i think doc would agree with me that this is debunking u.f.os on scientific fact found in this small corner of the galaxy is infact foohardy and by that i mean;

how do you know that the speed of light is the fastest speed you can travel

communication by wavelengths is the only way to communicate

your whole cowboy style way of debunking u.f.os has only invited more ridicule at your expense! don you have the brains however i thought you would have a little more vision-WE DONT KNOW IT ALL! the truth is out there

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1/20/2004 10:37:40 AM

I agree.


Don Tago
1/21/2004 1:15:23 PM

You want me to explain to you why nothing can go faster than the speed of light thru free space( Im talking about the vacuum of FREE SPACE (not a tube with gas in it, or a chilled magnet, or any sort of other labrotory manipulated experiment where the speed of light has been demonstated to be different) Maybe you never took phsyics in highschool. But it all has to do with Einsteins theory of relativity. E=mc^2, ever heard of that. This says as your speed increases, your mass increases, and the energy to make you go even faster increases as well. So, E=mc^2 says that as you approach the speed of light, your mass becomes infinite, which is impossible, and the speed that would be required to push you beyond the speed of light is greater than the energy that exists in the universe. Also, to an observer, if you could travel faster than the speed of light, you would appear to arrive before you even left, which is impossible.

The reason aliens would use the Electromagnetic spectrum (waves) to commuicate with is because they travel at the speed of light, and nothing is faster than the speed of light (see above). You cannot create some sort of faster wave, or manipulate it while it travels thru free space. I would be willing to say MAYBE in an extremely ADVANCED civilization, some other means of communication might be achieved, i cant imagine one, but i am willing to imagine....BUT....they would have to, at some point in their evolution recognise the advantage of the electromagnetic spectum for communication, and many other uses, before they invented their amazingly new way of communication that we cant possibily imagine.

Tim Gowren
1/21/2004 3:15:27 PM

Are you refering to straight line time or circular time?

Don Tago
1/21/2004 3:45:13 PM

Tim is making an attempt to sound smart.

what time is refering to is the concept of "circular time" as opposed to "linear time". Linear time is time as me and you both know it, one event per variable at any given time. But according to circular time, every possible set of events for every possible combination of variables is happening at once. A person can be in an infinite number of places during an infinite number of times. If this is true, then time does not exist. It canít. It would be meaningless.

This however has nothing to do with what we were talking about...

good try on the effort though

Tim Gowren
1/21/2004 3:58:40 PM

Actually Don I know exactly what I am talking about.

Straight line time is when you measure a moment that occurs for example when light travels between one star system to another. Your claim that we function under straight line time is incorrect - see below.

Circular time ( actually elliptical time on Earth ) is when you measure an object that travels in a circular not a straight line. Earthlings live in circular time, and they think they can figure out the speed of light by comparing it to straight line time.

There are a variety of "Times" -

For instance you probably compute your reality on Jesus Time. IOW - when you try to get to work on time or get to a meeting on time etc... you use the time on Earth based on the birth of Jesus - Right?

the prof
1/21/2004 5:10:10 PM

i took physics at degree level masters at oxford son

the prof
1/21/2004 5:12:44 PM

also son you are basing your entire review of my post on what only science knows on this planet-you bright minds once thought the earth was flat!

Robert L. Sharp
1/21/2004 5:16:55 PM

You stated"you bright minds thought that the world was flat" or something to
that effect. You must be referring to minds that have been deader than a
freaking doornail for a long time. I learned a long time ago that the world is
just a little bit round. And you are a prof???

1/21/2004 5:19:57 PM

what i am saying bob is that science is always put in the position to be embarrassed , its like the great one said 'at one time the greatest minds thought the world was flat'-me tbeen the great one!

the guy with birds flying funny around him
1/21/2004 5:47:36 PM

you'd have to be a complete idiot to think that it is impossible to go faster than the speed of light. talk about closed minded. ptss, simple minded.

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