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If We Discover Aliens, What's Our Protocol for Making Contact?
LiveScience - 4/5/2012
From astronomers to ufologists to anthropologists, scholars who have contemplated the various "contact scenarios" believe our course of action would strongly depend on the relative intelligence level of the newfound beings. Here, we outline what would happen if we encountered primitive, humanlike, and godlike aliens. R

The Anthropology of Searching for Aliens
Wired.com - 4/5/2012
anthropologist Kathryn Denning of York University in Toronto, Canada studies the very human way that scientists, engineers and members of the public think about space exploration and the search for alien life. R

Life on Billions of Planets? Could Be
Michael Lemonick, TIME - 3/30/2012
"The Creator must have an inordinate fondness for beetles," the early 20th century biologist J.B.S. Haldane once said. "He made so many of them." If Haldane had been an astronomer, he might have said the same about the nondescript red stars known as M-dwarfs. As the name implies, they're small — no more than half the size of our sun, at most.

NASA UFO Files Revealed On Science Channel Special
Lee Speigel, Huffington Post - 3/27/2012
Since the 1960s, when NASA astronauts first left the confines of Earth to begin exploration above and beyond our planet, their cameras have captured some amazing sights. Some of those moments will be revealed Tuesday night on "NASA's Unexplained Files," the final episode of the Science Channel's month-long "Are We Alone?" series.

Aztec UFO crash landing subject of new book
Leigh Irvin, The Farmington Daily Times - 3/28/2012
The Aztec UFO Symposium may be a thing of the past, but discussion continues about the purported 1948 flying saucer landing. The upcoming release of "The Aztec Incident: Recovery at Hart Canyon," by Scott and Suzanne Ramsey may spark renewed interest in the incident, and the authors claim the book will change history. R

UFO Debris is Part of New Exhibit at National Atomic Testing Museum
Lee Speigel, Huffington Post - 3/26/2012
When the Area 51 exhibit officially opens today at the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, visitors will see something that may startle them: a display titled "Authentic Alien Artifact." ...The use of the word "authentic" is a pretty bold assertion, considering the exhibit -- the first of its kind in a national museum -- is in a museum associated with the Smithsonian Institution.

Pres. Barack Obama mum on aliens during Roswell visit
Agence France Presse (AFP) - 3/22/2012
MALJAMAR - A lighthearted President Barack Obama on Wednesday joked that although he had landed in Roswell he could not disclose if extra-terrestrials had done the same in a flying saucer in 1947. R

Giant 'UFO fragment' falls from the sky in Siberia
The Telegraph (UK) - 3/22/2012
A giant "UFO fragment" has fallen from the sky near a remote village in Siberia, Russian media have reported. The U-shaped object, resembling a silvery dome, is currently under inspection by Russian experts, after being covertly removed under cover of night from the possession of villagers who found it.

UFO Photo Mysteriously Vanished From British MoD Office
Lee Speigel, Huffington Post - 3/19/2012
It was said to be one of the best photos of a UFO, and a poster-size image of it hung on a wall of Britain's Ministry of Defence. But then, at some point between 1991 to 1994, it vanished, gone, never to be seen again.

Science and UFOs: Part 1—The Condon Committee Con Job
Robert Hastings - 3/21/2012

UFO Congress Had Good Amount Of Skepticism, But More Is Needed
Lee Speigel, Huffington Post - 3/2/2012
There was a time when UFO conventions or seminars only drew the lunatic fringe audience -- those who believe benevolent extraterrestrial beings are watching over us, to make sure Mankind doesn't destroy itself through warfare and bad decisions affecting planetary climate.

New Area 51 Exhibit To Open At National Atomic Testing Museum
Lee Speigel, Huffington Post - 3/21/2012
Area 51 has been called the most secret place on Earth that never existed. And for a long time, that was true. On March 26, the Smithsonian-affiliated National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas plans to unveil the first-ever Area 51 exhibit, and it will be loaded with UFO and possible extraterrestrial-related items.

Military Times Blog: UFO deployed to Afghanistan?
Gina Harkins, Military Times - 3/20/2012
A recently filed report on a UFO tracking website discusses an alleged sighting at Camp Leatherneck in Helmand province. ...A second Marine confirmed with Marine Corps Times that he saw the same lights at Camp Leatherneck in May or June of 2011. R

Largest UFO Conference in the World Returns to Phoenix
Intl UFO Congress - 2/9/2012
The International UFO Congress, the largest annual UFO conference in the world, will be celebrating its 21st year this February 2012 in the Phoenix area. The International UFO Congress is a leading organization for the research and documentation of UFOs and related information. R

UFO Spotters Look For Answers From New Videos
Lee Spiegel, Huffington Post - 2/9/2012
Brightly lit UFOs over the UK and Russia are lighting up the sky and burning up the Internet. But do they stand up to scrutiny?

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