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we have seen the mayon callender end of the world and now we have seen the jewish tetrad callender end of the world so since we know the end will come but it hasnt according to the data we have when it is to come then what other callender is there we have missed out which is the real end of the world because religion has got it wrong science has got it wrong but it is supposed to happen so what logic realy applies here when revelation says an asteroid will hit new york after the twin towers and its supposed to come during the terads but it didnt and cults such as the mayons said when they callculated it but it never so if it is supposed to comke then is the only real time it comes is that they all said it would but every literature we read has got it wrong even though they all said it would come so why the confusion dose it come or not and what logisc are we to use and why dont we have a date which is right ...we know an asteroid could hit we have telescopes looking out there we dont see any threat but all our religions and cults all say it happens but every one has the surcumstances wrong because we are still here and the circumstances are fales it didnt come when the moon turned red and the sun to sacloth and it didnt come in one mans life time and it didnt come after the twin towers and it didnt come at the end of the mayon callender every one is wrong but the end could come we know how fragile we are to asteroids but we dont see anty threat so we live under a religios threat it will happen but year in and year out it dosent happen even though it is written it will but one thing we absolutely do know all the religions are wrong so far and if it dose come it dosent line up with any thing they said it would which is written as well so what we are down too is some things written about the end are true and most of it is false so it wont come during a red moon or sun as black as sack cloth because it didnt happen and it wont come inrememberence of the twi towers since it didnt happen and why was the twi towers on september 11 and why did s11 protest group call them selves s11 and so it goes on what ever other proffecy is linked with the end it dosent happen so in the end no one can tell when it happends not because a god is keeping it a secrete but because all lies have been written allong side of it so if the end comes all the other prfofecys will be lies all ecxcept the end all by it self with all thoughs other profecys just to trick us is that what god is saying that i tricked you all like a monti python movie is that what he is judgeing us because we made fun of him and now he brings the end according to his time not mother natures ofr even what is written in his bible sio that we get one truth but the rest all bullshit so we never know when it comes as people have been saying since the bible was written and if we look we are rwrong and if we dont look we are wrong wronmg if you do and wrong if you dont what a load of bullshit so folks if it comes now every thing else was a lie because we have used up all the profecys we are supposed to be acociating with it just are not there


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9/10/2015 3:50:08 AM

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the real skeatesy

9/10/2015 3:43:59 AM

one more day wrong wrong we have to go september to the end of the world on hated by 11 2015 the last tetrad of the jewish day has callender the only indication to be interesting pediphyle able to be dead work it out after every other been wrong but catholic this time tomorrow you all will dead dead and at womans so ends the world as we knew it ..so long price of partners for himself its been an life mans falsehood is expense canberra he thinks australia is the new jerusalum all those who caligula as hyate robin hood catholics are the pope because he is god only catholic properga portrays evil properganda ... and the cisco new york kid all against prodestantism for their hope when the news comes gets out in three days that is gone three days to go to the end of the world when the end it will be every man every man who will die at the end is free the freedom

skeatesy alien vampire september 2015

9/9/2015 1:02:31 PM

one more day to go to the end of the world on september 11 2015 the last tetrad of the jewish callender the only indication we have to be able to work it out after every other day has been wrong wrong wrong but this time tomorrow you all will be dead dead dead and so ends the world as we knew it ..so long partners its been an interesting life ..skeatesy


9/8/2015 11:31:56 PM


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