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heee heee.......heee heee.......heee heee........heee heee.............skeatesy


8/9/2015 3:22:20 PM



8/8/2015 3:35:09 PM

...........................DAMION the MOTHER OF ALL HARLETS ... skeatesy the son of man...

....damion .the whore of babylon black nigger abo sorry land hitman shamer shit hole of the world ...freek house breaker suicidal bullshit artist of the world... SADISTIC SADIST SODOMIZER... piss week cunt over population..

....damion ...black shit nigger poofter pedophyle catholic mother fucker reverse racist cock sucker arse licker police imformant bludger begger of northbourne flats canberra australia wife deserter and child deserter now living in tugeranong with his pedophyle nigger lover mates violence argumenter coward protected by ainsely village management and internet cafe mental health for their multicultural drug trade sook pretender of skeatesy on this site because he cant use his own name baoring low life crawler cant fight his own battles ..............and lost loftys flats stinky arse winger gets free electricity and board alcoholic killer of veritys cat screamer at woden bus interchanger berlinder hater tina hater cant live with a woman talks behind skeatesys back at the morning center with his nigger lover mates out to get him but too scared too because he ducked ...........and damion count take that so he says skeatesy is still avoiding him because he cant hit pretends to carry a knife but couldnt use one..... and his mates take about skeatesy at the free masons pretending to be him self now writes on this site over and over again uses skeatesys name just check the ip address ainsely village internet cafe with steve macarthy spagetti monster pretender all on this site still there to be seen uses fornication fornication to alter skeatesy threads because damion cant stand equal rights with woman boo hoo male authoritarian doctrine cant stand woman above him has to be the big cock black abo nigger matcho man in front of woman pretends to be the real man he man pervert claiming his male future of happyness at womans expense ...........and cant stand skeatesy so pretends he is him on this site to match his threads useing skeatesys name because skeatesy is the present and damion cant stand the present and lives in the past to retreive his wonderful future at womans expense but cant stand the here and now because skeatesy is always alarming him because skeatesy is the present and damion has no meaning in life so hopes for the future and lives in the past hateing the present which skeatesy is ..........he and his mates hate me and woman because we are of the present not of the future or past and damion thinks this is not humble before man and thinks this is pride and greed and is upset by it because just as man protects damion and his nigger shit retard way of life reverse racist demeaning everything and sabortaging any meaningfull hateing any thing white or thing i do that to his masculinity for femininity.......... skeatesy

....and you damion of northbourne flats canberra australia tried to protect your self in macdonalds by lifting your arm when i approached you coward ....and his anger results ... and i just cant wait till his male authority control freek over woman ...and the present all goes away by a big bad asteroid on the jewish terad pushed by aliens to get the gold the world slaved for being a hybrid homosapien race created by aliens 30.000 years ago by sapien aliens from nibiru planet male father nature twin sun solar system to our mother nature planet sun system in binary star system ...and destroying his multitudes the whore of babylon damions lovejoy ...and male nigger lover city new york forever so i who will be given authority over man so i can hunt you down ....and string you up nigger bludger you have no place here this is kkk white power territory ...... and the fathers hitler in revelation 6 those in white and christs fire you are nothing but black shit trying to be white .. up yours nigger and your unnecessary hate and reverse racism and family reigious nepotizm growth all at womans expense .......haha yukyuk ...skeatesy the son of man .. the new jerusalum canberra australia .. on the net ufo evidence .org the mount of olives as revelation says ...


8/7/2015 6:06:26


8/7/2015 6:38:57 AM

Houston commercial photographyHouston commercial photographyHouston commercial photography


8/7/2015 6:31:14 AM

if your with me you go to heaven if your with damion you go to hell ... skeatesy the son of man


8/7/2015 6:28:50 AM


8/7/2015 6:27:50 AM

better stay in tugernong damion because if i see you in civic your dead .. skeatesy


8/7/2015 6:22:05 AM

if i cant live on this planet damion then neither are you nigger shit hole of satan ...skeatesy


8/7/2015 6:20:26 AM

the son ofmannewjerusalumskeatesy

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the son ofmannewjerusalumskeatesywweessrrffooiiz



pic host


8/7/2015 6:14:42 AM


8/7/2015 6:14:00 AM


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