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nietzsche burial pity
Facing Death - The Laughing Lions (Watts, Solomon, Nietzsche, Hitchens)
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moroney1 1 year ago

Just now watching this video it dawned on me that Hitch is dead. I think with all he youtube videos and news coverage, seeing him speak made me forget of his passing. The absoluteness has just stuck in my mind only now. We will never hear a new Hitchslap again...
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saintpine 1 year ago


RIP Hitchens.
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christopher phillip skeates
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christopher phillip skeates

christopher phillip skeates 1 second ago

pity is the burial .. skeatesy
Ariel Fuhknud

Ariel Fuhknud 3 months ago

I had a dog.
Ian Roberts

Ian Roberts 4 months ago

Brilliant loved it from start to finish - however it is meaniingless in the long term as we move towards the keyhole of nothingness. What remains at the end - a clear vision of the truth.

ivoryconsort 4 months ago

I'm sorry that i'm not able to make it through this excellent concept and content--But the MUSIC is VERY DISTURBING, because it is NOT UNDERNEATH, it's IN THE WAY!!
The Jiu Jitsu Life

The Jiu Jitsu Life 4 months ago

Animals do feel some terror in the moment. However, they in all probability, lack the brain power to be aware of their own death in the sense men are aware of it. For most animals the terror they feel is purely instinctual and designed to help avoid death in the moment. In all likelihood there are levels of awareness as a function of brain size approaching the abilities of man; with none actually achieving full understanding as man does.
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normtheclone 5 months ago

Explain this: how can an organism which is not consciously aware of the subjective nature of its experience and the separation of itself from the external world be aware of the fact that it will die? How can an ant, which has no capacity for analytical thought be aware of the temporality of it's own existence? Most animals aren't even capable of thought removed from experience. To them, they think insofar as they experience. Therefore, they can't comprehend death, they can only experience dying.
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Mistter Mann

Mistter Mann 10 months ago

True knowledge of anything has nothing to do with imagination.

Most humans who identify with the term "atheist" barely scratch the surface of their own very real potential as humans.

Sam Harris, Degrasse Tyson and Bill Nye are three of the few I see practical reason to respect.

I know of far more men who inspired what we call humanity to quantifiable vitaliity that believed in an omniscient Creator than those that did not.

We will disagree. Hopefully you won't bother me about it.
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badblueman 10 months ago

There is a difference between instinct and conscious thought. Instinct is intelligent, but unconsciously so through evolution. You can't just say "Because spiders defend themselves, they know they are going to die". There is more evidence the opposite is true. They defend themselves because so many of them who didn't went extinct.

The word knowledge loses meaning if you use it frivolously. True knowledge of death comes with intelligence, self-awareness, comprehension of time, imagination etc.
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Mistter Mann

Mistter Mann 11 months ago

"we're the only species that one by one knows we're gonna die."

why would animals even bother to run from their prey if they didn't percieve any risk from being caught?

why would buffalo reverse and fend off lions from other buffalo if they figured the lions would do them no harm?

totally senseless assumption

ghostsofevolution 1 year ago

Pangaeaprogress - Please add to the text notes that it is the incomparable Sheldon Solomon who is presenting the ideas of Becker. And the Bertrand Russel text quote that appear on the slide where Hitch starts talking is distracting. Never post text over audio words unless the text is actually what is being said (or just a brief note about name/date of the speaker). Other than that, you do a great job in serving the world. Keep up this most important work.

lyricsoffires 1 year ago

what's the bgm's name? Thanks



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