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3/9/2014 8:28:09 AM


3/9/2014 8:27:00 AM

i am at the barracks internet down stairs in the ground at civic canberra to late at night typeing out a warning to man that he can stop what is about to him but i know you wont .. any way thats your problem man .. out side i see police in unmarked cars in the bus station area unauthorised to drive any vehivle in the area unless marked and i am told by police i am not to know if they are legal or not and although by west minsre systen law of australia i am duty bound to report unmarked cars in an unauthorised zone and the head of canberras police force has threatened me with violance if i dont shut up and corrupt the law he has corrupted ..and will not take my complaint he is authorised to do ..this is the situationthat police now believe they can do what they like to ever who they like anarchy against the west minster system .. this is mainly due to catholics nepotizm and saint edmonds colledge jobs for the boys corrupting the prodestant systen ..we will see when the end comes what will happen to these lawless catholics corrupting the law by nepotizm in the police force .. this we will see what happens to the police and their present attack on the public and our duty to the law ..skeatesy the sacrifical lamb of god

skeatesy the holy one

3/9/2014 8:24:57 AM


3/9/2014 8:10:05 AM

i am here to help woman as much as i can because of mans tortcher on her but i can only do so much when qwoman turn upon me and i wonr foresake you but my fore fathers who put me here may over ride my care for woman although those who pretend to be me and falsify what i say to mans favour .. that will end on the last day and then their voice will not be heard .. but woman who isolate them selves and then attack me will find i dont suck up to you nor do i let you suck up to me with your problems of weekness against mans strength hurting you as i have said time and time again if you dont team up to defend your self against man then you are at fault and lazy and you will not have my blessings ..skeatex the second one

skeatesy the son of man

3/9/2014 8:08:22 AM

i have to know to what end man is by his tortcher on me on this site then you will suffer what you do to me .. skeatesy son of man

skeatex the return

3/9/2014 8:03:08 AM

if i dont know you then your life will end .. skeatesy the son of man


3/9/2014 8:01:27 AM

you catholics dont have much time left so if you dont repent i will send you to hell .. skeatesy


3/9/2014 7:58:09 AM


3/9/2014 7:49:17 AM


3/9/2014 7:44:21 AM


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