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10/22/2013 1:09:30 AM


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10/22/2013 1:06:21 AM

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War of Vietnam - The Gulf of Tonkin incident
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50poiuyt 3 years ago

The US goverment always lied in the Vietnam war,the bigest lie was "Gulf of Tonkin incident ".
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Chuck Trevino

Chuck Trevino 3 years ago

I'm angry, I'm a Vietnam vet and they killed my brothers and sisters for a lie! Where are the Swift boat vets? The fucking phonies,
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christopher phillip skeates
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christopher phillip skeates

christopher phillip skeates 1 second ago

north vietnam started it and finished it and america went home with its tail between its legs so what the point of this video .. properganda that america cant be believed .. ? .. skeatesy
Michael Mauck

Michael Mauck 4 months ago

Me too,BASTURDS----!!

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subedei30 2 years ago

Dont think people think the Vietnam War was a lie but the reasons and information about what was actually happening there was a lie for instance the CIA had been secretly sending South Vietnamese teams on sabotage missions into the north. In the first half of 1964 South Vietnamese gunboats raided North Vietnam?s coast and Johnson approved covert American operations. Hardly open about their own operations let alone Vietnamese

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Timothy P

Timothy P 2 years ago

I thought Jim Morrisons father ( Singer From the Doors ) initiated the first alarm??

hunterofthephoenix 2 years ago

I think America has the set the whole thing up?

I doubt there even was an attack on the boat, it was just another cheap reason to start another war. Those Americans think they are keepers of the peace, but they're always the guys who meddle into the world and start a war if the other side doesn't agree with them.

They are like the Sith thinking they are doing things right, let's only hope they are still some jedi left.


asprun 2 years ago

The Vietnam war was not a LIE, the US was trying to contain communism. Agree or disagree, but it was not a LIE.
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asprun 2 years ago

After the attack on Pearl Harbor the NAVY would shoot at dolphins, it was the same here, the first attack made them "jumpy".

theamazingethann 2 years ago

thousands of americans died 4 nothing that is how valueable u r 2 ur government it worked and still is working but now focused on muslim countrys wow

moh1612 2 years ago

You are so fucking right on the money with that talk. Most Americans never wake up, that's why i suggest owning a base ball bat and fucking bat them on the noggin. We need to do all we can to awaken the fucking sheeple of all sheeps
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KEVRO 2 years ago

lol they'll recognize that when they wake up and destroy the people running this country.
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Chuck Trevino

Chuck Trevino 2 years ago

Yes, don't you get the feeling the media is a partner in selling wars, like in Iraq, the bodies of our soldiers were forbidden to be shown and to get the real scoop the BBC and the rest of the world reported and were aware of the collateral damage done by us as ordered by military brass
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