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Definitely real. My first experience was in 1948. A UFO stopped about 100 feet over some trees while I was out doors playing. I did not make a sound. It paused (hovered) for a few seconds was "orange red" in color with three small blackened widows or ports near the front of the craft. When it flew away, it moves so fast it was just a blur.

Vero Beach, Fl USA
8/18/2013 6:58:40 PM


8/18/2013 6:47:50 PM


8/18/2013 6:46:36 PM


8/18/2013 6:45:15 PM

Yes they are and I will tell you why we see so many now is because we are probably a vacation package. "Come see the bipedal creatures of Earth" and see how primitive intelligence works and watch them eat, work and live in warring societies.
They could also be coming here over the millenniums to study evolution of a planet. From primordial ooze to the dinosaurs and the newest creatures on the planet.
If you came back here every 20,000 years you would see new species every time, I know I would have a season pass to watch the antics of humans alone.

Don Shelley
56303 USA
8/18/2013 4:31:44 PM

There is too much evidence to say they're not real. There are things on this Earth and in space we don't know about.

Tony Copas
Red Boiling Springs, TN USA
8/18/2013 4:24:36 PM


8/17/2013 11:31:16 PM

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8/17/2013 11:29:01 PM

Your Journey To Space Starts Here June 2013
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trollmylove 2 months ago

imagine in like 40 years when the price has dropped significantly... :D
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dllTheLoneReaderllb 2 months ago

this is so amazing to think that in my lifetime, getting to space is becoming a commercial venture and not just something for a select few trained professionals. I can't wait to see where this all goes in the next decade and further
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christopher phillip skeates
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christopher phillip skeates

christopher phillip skeates 1 second ago

at womans expense .. skeatesy the son of man

LilRedRasta 4 days ago

probably late 2020

LilRedRasta 4 days ago

you mean coming soon 2020
? in reply to Tackleqb (Show the comment)

Tackleqb 1 week ago

coming soon... 2040.....
Albin S

Albin S 1 week ago

The fuck is wrong with you?
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EpicSnowCastle 1 week ago

Someone is a bit cranky today...

Dare I say immature?
? 2 in reply to Simon Str?msten (Show the comment)
Simon Str?msten

Simon Str?msten 1 week ago

just shut the fuck up please
? in reply to EpicSnowCastle (Show the comment)

EpicSnowCastle 1 week ago

Better start saving. I'm gonna buy a cabin on the moon if I turn out to become rich.

0002pA 1 week ago

If I were to win in the lottery, I wouldn't even give a shit about a new house or a sports car.

I'd give all my money towards a trip into space, since there is nothing more magnificent than the universe itself.

That is, if religious zealots, dictators or companies haven't fucked us over by then...

YamaRider 1 week ago

How many G-forces does the craft reach at max acceleration ? I have to know If one beautiful day I'll have enough money to invite my old father, well he's not old yet but I don't know how many time I have to economise (250,000 $) x) .

Deadskar45 1 week ago



8/17/2013 11:26:12 PM


8/17/2013 11:25:04 PM


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