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2/3/2016 9:09:45 PM


2/3/2016 9:05:43 PM

god said to adam not to eat from the tree of knowledge or he will die and adam said what ever monkey pants .. yuk yuk ha ha he he .. skeatesy


2/3/2016 9:04:11 PM


2/3/2016 9:01:58 PM

i am the right hand of god and to follow me you must loose your head so whats the good in that ..skeatesy if you dont follow me i will do to you waht you do to me .. so whats the good in that as well


2/3/2016 8:57:46 PM

you can be absolutely sure of one thing ..that you cannot be saved by the rfid chip implant into your hand it will deplete any dignity you thought you might have and it ends in your digress from reality until your a modifyed robot computer electronic slave digging gold for aliens and if you dont your a dead man walking with no hope ..skeatesy


2/3/2016 8:55:15 PM

the kkk is the only hope against the rfid chip of obahma care .skeatesy




screen grab


2/3/2016 8:49:28 PM

the kkk is the only force against the chip ..skeatesy dignity

skeatesy against the chip
the new jerusalum canberra australia
2/3/2016 8:46:20 PM

the kkk is the only real escape you get from obahmas rfid chip ..skeatesy the right hand of god no chip intenderd ...skeatesy perfect

skeatesy perfect
the new jerusalum canberra australia
2/3/2016 8:37:03 PM

obahma represented the freedom of the black people only to enforce their demise by the obahma health care bill rfid chip and no choice to loose your head if you resist isnt that how it all works the jews were released from hitlers clutches only to do the same to the palistinians so here we go again with obahma rfid chip compolsory ...skeatesy


2/3/2016 8:35:11 PM


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