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Circling circling circle very fast,high speed circling,when you break the speed of light, you enter warp drive into another dimension,neutral dimension of nothingness until you arrive in another material world of another time. uncalculated time space, you cannot disturb that priod because that time does not belong to you,you can only observe but cannot disturb, unsaid laws of visitations RESPECT...

4/8/2008 11:09:14 AM

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Helmut Hansen
4/6/2008 7:55:08 AM

Goedel's Trench - A Highway to the Stars

Dear Members of Ufo Evidence,

I’ve written an article, which I like to publish in an appropriate journal.

The article (Goedel's Trench - Highway to the Stars) is concerning a new kind of interstellar physics. It allows faster-than-the light travels.

The article is non-fictional, but not very technical, because it makes only use of geometry. It counts 4000 words - and contains few diagrams that illustrate the main points of the text.

It follows the introduction, which will give you an idea of this article:

I. Introduction

To travel to the stars is one of the greatest dreams of mankind, but the distances between the stars are unbelievable vast. Even a particle of light needs already a lot of years to get to our closest stellar neighbour in space. Hence, if we like to reach the stars, there is no doubt: We have to reach speeds that are faster than the speed of light. But according to Einstein’s special theory of relativity the speed of light is the speed limit of the material universe: No object can travel any faster than this. Until today this elegant and effective theory still works perfectly. There is no other theory so far.
In this article a geometrical blueprint is presented, that could perhaps change the course of modern physics as well as our opinion about the possibility to travel faster than the speed of light.
This geometrical blueprint consists of different circles and squares which are intimately connected with each other. This highly esthetical blueprint is already known since more than two thousand years. It is called a MANDALA. In Tibetan Buddhism it does play an important role in advanced meditation practices. Concretely showing how the universe is structured seen from an enlightened point of view, these archetypal pictures are used as mental tools to go beyond the usual limits of space and time and thereby to reach the state of enlightenment.
Although these archetypal pictures are regarded of being a sacred blueprint of the universe, their physical relevance were never taken into consideration seriously. But it seems that they are an important key to a deep and penetrating understanding of the physical universe, especially of the fundamental nature of space and time. One of the most important insights that could attained is the discovery of a superluminal space-time-section, which I am calling “Gödel’s Trench”: If we are able to enter this section all superluminal speeds are to our disposal.
This discovery may sound promising, but it would be completely meaningless, if there would be no possibility to reach this superluminal section. But even this possibility seems to exist. In the structure of the Mandala space and time are organised in such a way, that Einstein’s spacetime and Gödel’s trench are »touching« each other at the speed of 1/SQR 2, that is, of 70,7 % of the speed of light. This speed may be very high as far as we look at our present technology of space travel, but it can, at least in principle, be reached!
In this article I like to give some impressions of this new kind of interstellar physics. How it was found and how the relationship between Einstein’s theory and the “Physics of Mandala” looks like.

Further contents:

II. The Mind of God

III. The hidden structure of ‘elsewhere’

IV. Mandala – An elegant blueprint of the Universe

Appendix – Blueprints of the Universe


Do you know an appropriate journal for that?

Kind regards
H. Hansen

12/20/2007 11:25:58 PM


i dont brlieve we are seeing space ships. i think these sightings are time machines. going in and out of dimensions. appearing and moving eratic.
the closest thing to traveling the galaxy will be a stargate simaler to the tv show. using to points drawn togetherlike 2 magnetspulling yourself thru.

12/8/2007 10:37:35 AM

A Simplistic View of Reality

UFO evidence suggests that ALL movement of ALL particle matter (to include EM waves, electrons, atoms, people, cars, planets, UFO craft,…etc.) is caused by the pull of long (many kilometers, but length varies), high speed (light years per second) ether particles traveling in straight lines and in ALL directions. These very fast, long, linear ether particles (LEP’s) occupy “empty” space, including the space within ALL particle matter. (per cent fill ??)

Also, ALL particle matter is itself composed of ether particles. However, these ether particles are not linear but are bundled, wrapped, (knotted) and held in a nonlinear shape. LEP’s attach to and pull at many points within and on ALL particle matter. These LEP’s have the same speed as the matter they are attached to. Clearly, LEP’s are composed of smaller particles which have an affinity for each other, are directional (polarized), and readily arrange themselves into long perfectly straight strings.

The constant speed of light is caused by the forward pull of LEP’s on the EM wave while forward movement is impeded by other LEP’s (those in front of and not traveling exactly parallel to the direction of the EM wave) as they move rapidly (light years per second) past and out of the way of the oncoming EM wave.

UFO craft are accelerated by literally cutting, ripping, and tearing away LEP’s behind the craft which are pulling in a direction opposite the desired direction of travel. Accelerating the craft to many times the speed of light is accomplished by cutting, ripping, and tearing away LEP’s which are ahead of the craft and perpendicular to the direction of travel.

The field between the plates of a capacitor consists of electrostatic lines which are “particle matter” just like EM waves and are pulled, extending them from the electrons in the negatively charged plate to the positively charged plate, by LEP’s. The field around a current carrying conductor consists of electrostatic lines which are pulled by LEP’s perpendicular to the direction of current travel and, of course, perpendicular to the conductor surface.

The knife particle (KP) that will cut, rip, and tear LEP’s away from ALL particle matter is a special twisted, rope-like, hardened, LINEAR particle created by tightly wrapping electrostatic lines together. Once created and free, the KP spins in the plane of its long axis and about the midpoint of its long axis as LEP’s pull and unwrap electrostatic lines. The KP, when located behind and spinning perpendicular to a craft’s desired direction of travel, will accelerate the craft away from the particle. Also, spinning this particle ahead of and in planes parallel to a crafts direction of travel will accelerate the craft forward, but just as important, it will accelerate all debris including air out of the space in front of the craft. This fact explains the lack of a sonic boom as UFO craft travel at thousands of miles an hour in earth’s atmosphere. And it also explains how UFO craft avoid striking space debris while traveling at light speed.

The radiation effects felt near UFO craft as they hover or accelerate away is caused by the very short wavelength EM waves created as KP’s unwrap. The electrostatic lines that make up the KP actually become very short wavelength EM waves. The downward pressure felt by people located beneath the craft is caused by KP’s as they spin - cutting, ripping, and tearing LEP’s away from atoms in the human body. If you spot a UFO craft near ground, be safe by staying at least 100 meters away. Also, some of the alien occupants are not very friendly, probably because hunters or military have fired weapons at them. Reports of aliens firing laser-like weapons at humans are probably accurate. When humans act like dumb animals they should expect to be treated like dumb animals.

LEP propulsion allows UFO craft to accelerate quickly to thousands of miles an hour, make fast sharp angled turns, and stop very quickly. LEP’s are a source of immense energy. And, of course, LEP’s are much faster than EM waves for communications. Nanometer sized molecular motors can be used to create KP’s.

thurman marcum
12/5/2007 1:31:22 PM

faster than light speed

The concept nothing is faster than light speed is preposterous. That what they said five hundred years ago about earth being flat.We will find a way to the stars and beyond.the speed of light will be another myth.It will be in the dust bin of history.

Ian Hutchinson
8/9/2007 11:23:26 AM

Beating the speed of light

What if space is not curved or flat, but is folded as in a concertina fold.
If light is trapped in these folds and takes a million years to get to us, we would assume the star to be a million light years away from us.
If however space is folded, and we could find some way to punch a wormhole from one layer to another, we may be able to travell to far distant stars in a matter of weeks.
This is just a theory , but I am working on it, and maybe some day I'll be able to prove it, then i'll send you all postcards from alpha centauri.
Watch this "space"

7/29/2007 1:00:50 AM

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6/17/2007 7:42:20 AM

interstellar ships

Earth sould invest more in interstellar ships so that we can travel to other world!!!
possibly even inhabitle worlds!!!
maybe it woun't happen in our generation but hopefully soon.

5/30/2007 8:23:10 PM

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Dear Sir,

Considering the fact that there are billions of stars - there would naturally be in existance millions of galaxies & atleast put the least figure, there would be atleast 38000 + civilizations, some of them less civilized than us while most of them probably will have advanced forms of life with vast technological developement with their most primitive zones likely to have been more developed than even USA/RUSSIA.

Due to the distance constraints from the geographical zone of earth in the map of universe - it will be virtually be impossible for a CONTACT through TRAVEL medium.

Should it be possible - the only possibility that i see is through development of HIGH FREQUENCY PHOTO LIKE RAYS which when beamed into the universe SPACE should be capable of IMAGE CAPTURING & REBOUNCING BACK to the original equipment point from where it was beamed -which then can be processed through a sophisticated reading & imaging computer to see & read the CAPTURED IMAGE.

Through Mere Radio frequency capture, we will not be able to decode anything for meaningful conclusion nor conclude existence of life elsewhere unless the frequency is clear.

The earth is merely a speck of sand in this vast universe & there is a creator for all forms of life considering the wonderful HUMAN BODY MECHANISM. Similarly,same creator with different dimensions & calculations may have placed other forms of life elsewhere.

Lastly-universe is never ending as if there is an ending -then what is on the other side??????????

We may perhaps never be able to crack the life code & its existance elsewhere so soon. We may have to wait another million years for that.

Best regards/prasad lbv

3/8/2006 7:30:09 AM

a ray of hope

warp drive is the only hope for us to visualize intersteller travel in reality....

2/8/2006 9:52:11 PM

Star Travel requires levitation and teleportation

In a little less than 2 years after Hiroshima, hundreds of species of star-traveling humanoids began visiting Earth. We know this from the book, "The Humanoids", edited by Charles Bowen. This implies instantaneous jumping across light-years, since star-planet-moon combinations likely to produce complex life are rare. That is teleportation, a power of the mind, proven to exist by controlled experiments by the Chinese.

It is a waste of money to expect Marc Millis or NASA to come up with methods of star travel. We have to go outside the established sciences, and develop the forbidden sciences to find the answer.

Rev. Robert Impellizeri
1/7/2006 5:25:16 PM

Trans-Warp Drive

As Robert Lazar has disclosed, the key to interstellar travel is; Element 115.
Highly recommend viewing DVDs "UFO's Above & Beyond and Top Secret" Platinum Disc, 2005 narrated by StarTrek's Chief Engineer "Scotty" James Doohan prior to his passing late last year.

1/10/2005 6:09:49 PM

How do they find their way around in the Universe?

They travel from star to star or planet to planet.




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