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Loren Gross

Brief Biography

Born, 1938. Mr. Gross became interested in UFOs as a teenager when he was a member of the civilian Ground Observer Corps in the 195Os. After graduation from high school, he served four years in the U.S. Air Force as a radar operator with the Air Defense Command. In 1966 he received his B.A. degree in social science from the University of California at Chico and has since completed postgraduate work in physical science, history, and art.
Mr. Gross is the author of many booklets on the early history of the UFO problem:
The UFO Wave of 1896 (1974)
The Mystery of the Ghost Rockets (1974)
Charles Fort, The Fortean Society, and Unidentified Flying Objects (1976)

His most well-known works are the UFOs: A History series of booklets.




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