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Jean-Jacques Velasco ,  Ph.D.

Director of SEPRA (formerly 'GEPAN', official French goverment program to study UFOs. SEPRA is a program of the French space agency, CNES.


At the beginning of the 90ís, Jean-Jacques Velasco, the engineer in charge of SEPRA, publicly made known his personal, positive opinion of the physical reality of UFOs - in contrast to the predominantly skeptical attitude of French scientists and intellectuals, as well as a good number of French ufologists. For American readers, this positive view of Velasco was clearly demonstrated by his participation in the workshop conducted by Peter Sturrock, at the invitation of Laurance Rockefeller, at Pocantino Hills, New York, in 1997. Everyone can verify that by reading Sturrock's book, The UFO Enigma: A New Review of the Physical Evidence (Warner Books, 1999). Velasco finds himself criticized at the same time by both believers and skeptics, in a way comparable to the criticisms leveled at the Cometa report since its publication last year - a peculier situation and, for me, a good reason in itself to look back at the story and try to put the record straight.




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