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March, 18 of 2014
Sao Goncalo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Summary:  Flying saucer, matte silver, very large. High altitude maneuvering very slowly then went supersonic speed instantly!

Date Posted: 7/30/2014 3:17:07 PM

Sighting Time: 06: 29 a.m
Day/Night: Daytime
Duration: une to twoo minuts

Size of Object(s): I know the prospect of vision who looks upwards and who looks different from top to bottom. From bottom to top, even with the altitude at which it was, appeared to be about twenty to thirty-five feet in diameter!
Distance to Object(s): twelve hundred to two thousand and six hundred feet high

Appearance / Description of Object(s)
Great in cimetrico disc format, revolved slowly, had longitudinal lines from the center to the edges. In the center was a small dark dome. There was nothing underneath, I could not see the top side because it was too high, my vision is excellent and I see the higher distances to other people and can distinguish details over long distances. of all the people I know, no one has the vision compared to mine! But the altitude that was, had smaller details could not see.

Description of Area / Surroundings
Currently, after returning from Norway, went back to live with my parents. I worked in Transatlantico. (Crystal Serenity). Alcantara and an urban place my parents live right near the center but has fewer homes than in a big city. The difference there and we lived in a small elevation in relation to the center. Where we live, there is a good numego of transmit antennas telephone signals, wireless internete, radios etc.. But what most distinguishes the location and a supplier of electric energy that is exactly confront our home ee great because it provides electric power to Alcantara, Sao Goncalo, part of Niteroi, Catherine Garden, Laranjal, and Manilha. You can take a look at the place by the Google earth. PLACE: Rua Domingos Borges 121, Alcantara. Sao Goncalo, RJ - Brazil. Zipcode: 24711-110.

Full Description & Details
It was morning, very early, the sun was rising I had just done my coffee, and sat out the door of my house. I lit a cigarette and stared at the sky as I always do. The sky was completely clear, blue, cloudless, and then, when I saw loudly, a perfect disc, flying fast and suddenly decreased sharply. At the angle of my vision, it was as if approaching the sun, as if it precisacem. remained perfectly still for about a minute and began to maneuver slowly returned eighty or one hundred yards fifity the same direction they came. maneuvered to the left with speed and stopped suddenly in a perfect half moon and stopped, then made ??a move right straight with little distance, and then stopped again a few moments left the zero point it was straight into a speed unbelievable!

but this was not the only one, some neighbors already reported some sightings me and my fiancee already had a sighting, we were together and I called her and showed she was very scared imprecionara and it was a dark sphere, lonje was not and we could see that was black and also maneuvered in different directions is perfect but always returned to the same point. I began to see them since I was eight years old and have always tried to contact did transmitters and receivers, I build projects thrusters to try to figure out how it works but never got. Never said anything to anybody! My neighbors know I work on projects, but do not know what only my fiancee, my parents and some neighbors already know and have seen. I designed a project with Mercury but I never did because if you can not permission for use in Brazil.

I am an ex-soldier from army so trust me when I say

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?
Not really! It could be done but it can be done, but this certainly was not it moves fast and the output at high speed without gradual acceleration ... The inertia would kill any human is so perfect circular motion, not hesitate aircraft knife it. Not that I know of.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting
My first sighting I was eight years old, was one year birthday of my cousin, was dawn and I lived with my parents where I live today ironically. However, my aunt lived a little farther from our house, fifty yards away from here. the house is higher up than ours. Today I am 39 years old and at that time there was almost no house in Alcantara. The first time I saw it was morning, one or two in the morning, I do not remember. He was lying on the stairs of the house of my aunt and my cousin was with me and suddenly, she ran and locked the door. When surprising that, when looked back and realized he was passing over me, slowly, almost stopping and it was gigantic. Havial lights going out as flaxes the center to the edges and did a serious, down and sequenced melembro sound and feeling small electrical discharges. Since then knew something was us!

Other Comments
We need to join forces, share knowledge and equipment that can enable us to understand more, work together. People like me who believe, ufologists, scientists, researchers and our governments. But only if it would be for peaceful purposes, we are all brothers, our countries, our planet, our Galaxy and the Universe. We may be different but we are all brothers Fomas and neighbors because we are made of the same materials, Oxygen, Carbon ... We are all equal and all that unites us, we live in a macrocosm but our bodies are a microcosm, different or not. We must join forces for a better future and not for our own destruction! Evolution and knowledge, WISDOM!

Reported Sighting? Yes
Reported To: My mom, dad, my fiancee and some neighbors.
Name: Eugenio Pacheco Junior
Location: Alcantara, Sao Goncalo - RJ. Brazil
Age: 39


 NAVIGATION MENU     Report 1 of 9761