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seaside, monterey, California, United States

Summary:  Iobserved an object that appeared to the multicolored lights like three rotating so lonely but the object was traveling approximately 5 mile distancefrom side to side horizontally like a tennis ball and a tennis match back-and-forth without making a turn

Date Posted: 12/20/2014 10:02:54 PM

Sighting Time: 0300
Day/Night: .
Duration: approx 5 minutes

No. of Witnesses: 1

Size of Object(s): Approx 6 inches. About 3/4 the size of the goodyear blimp

Appearance / Description of Object(s)
as I forementioned you could not I could not discern any actual outline of the fuselage shape of an object it only seemed that there were lights that were in a set pattern as far as how they were oriented and they were's kind of slowly rotating but that's all I could see you I could not see that the lights are attached to anything but they in pattern that did not deviate as it rotated

Description of Area / Surroundings
Small town but not Royal Monterey Bay Pacific Grove Pebble Beach curve right out . US Army base Ft. ord but this was directly above bay.

Full Description & Details
I believe it was 1980 and I was about 16 living at my parents house in Seaside California on Monterey Bay. I was asleep in my bedroom and was in the middle the night and I was awoken the sound of my dog barking frantically and not only my dog but it seemed as if every single dog in the neighborhood, was barking and howling. I have never heard that many dogs behave in that manner even when sirens were going off. I got up out of bed to see what was the matter, left my bedroom

walked down the hallway towards the living room which had a large bay window. as I was doing so I saw my father in his boxers standing at the bay window with the curtains pulled aside looking at something. I asked him what was going on why are all the dogs barking and he told me to come and look at this and he motioned out towards the bay. When I got to the window to see what he was referring to I saw some thing., that was moving horizontally from Monterey Beach out towards Sylmar point which is probably at least a 5 mile distance approximately. I could not see any actual shape of an object outline. it seemed as if colored lights that were rotating in a fairly slow fixed manner, the lights were traveling on a horizomtal plane from point a to point be like a pendulum, no turn just left to right on a flat flight path. I have never see. anything in the air before or since that behaved as this object did. As my father and I watched without saying anything the object went from the left to the right back to the left one more time and then went to the right and just kept going out toward Sea and was gone in a instant. all this time the dogs that have been barking and howling wildly I'll talk in the whole neighborhood slowly started to settle down and stop barking and howling and eventually within less than a minute they were all quiet. I just asked my father what the heck was that and he just looked at me and said I don't know boy.

i'm 50 years old August 2015 and I have never seen anything like this ever and it seemed as if the object was making a noise that that was not that pitch that my father and I can hear but obviously it was A thatreally bothered every dog on the peninsula. It seemed like we were in the biggest kennel in the world and the way it stopped so abruptly once that object flew away was something I have never heard cents. I can as vividly as the day that I saw it and I'd say that we were probably watching this whole scene for about five minutes. my father was a World War II veteran I served in the Marine Corps and with family has lived in seaside. a since the 1940s. my father was in the U.S. Army for 24 years and was in the island hopping campaign to take back the Philippines I'm sure he saw plentybut he had never seen anything even remotely close to this object that we saw. I served in the United States Marine Corps and never saw anything even close to the way this object behaved. Silent to our ears revers directions instantaneously. It was something i will never forget. Just wanted to say something about this as I'm getting older

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?
as I've stated this whole circumstance was strange from the dogs barking when they were to the speed at which this object went to and fro without stopping or changing direction turning nothing nothing has even remotely come close to the UFO that I saw my father saw that evening. never have I heard dogs behave in a manner that they were behaving that evening not even one sirens are going off not even close to

Personal Background
high school graduate I've attended some college I served in the Marine Corps and I work as a bricklayer union for about 15 years total time and most recently with the city of seaside Ca. public works department

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting
I was only like 16 years old at the time and Was into sports year round. did not think about them much. after witnessing this I didn't really talk much about it at all and I don't really remember my father and I ever bring it back up.

Reported Sighting? No
Name: Mark Nannie
Location: Seaside, California. USA
Age: 49


 NAVIGATION MENU     Report 1 of 10029