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August, 1994
Amarillo , Texas, United States

Summary:  Me ,my nephew, and niece, where driving back to Colorado from a trip to Louisiana at about 8:00 pm we spotted a white disc spape light about 1,000 feet to 1,500 feet going due north at a very slow speed at first ,we pulled off the highway and whatced this thing stop h dead still for about 10 minutes as other motorest pulled into the same place because they seen it too they were getting out of their cars and looking skyward ,this thing was bright white and fster than a blink of an eye was gone to be seen again hovering again about a mile out side of Amarillo, it was observed by many people there as well because we stopped at a Sonic burgers there and everyone there was looking at it we continued to see it head north till it left the horizon

Date Posted: 2/9/2016 4:53:56 AM

Sighting Time: 8:00pm
Day/Night: Nighttime
Duration: total saw it for about 20 to 30 minutes us

No. of Witnesses: us three and unknow numbers of others

Size of Object(s): It looked to be pretty big at the altitude ,that I'm guessing at about 1,500 feet it looked like it was flying at the height that small ingine planes fly at, it was circular in shape ,and had no appearance of any kind of metal or metal type jionts it just kind of glowed
Distance to Object(s): The hole time we saw it as well as every one else never more than five to ten miles away

Appearance / Description of Object(s)
It was very bright in a whitish color, it looked much like a full moon looked like except about half the size

Description of Area / Surroundings
It is very flat country a few trees along the highway of texas first saw it about 35 miles out side of Amarillo, Texas

Full Description & Details
This disc shape thing was about what I guess about 1,500 feet off the ground, it moved very slow at first and looked to be comparable to a full moon only about half the size ,it was very bright and difficult to see any detail other than it was moving and defiantly in our atmosphere.. Not as high as some planes can fly as we got off the highway to watch it so did other people and then it shot off north wards all I saw was a vertical blue flash for about a half second that trailed this thing , we continued tord Amarillo Texas and about five miles out we see it again just hanging there we stopped at a burger joint there OK it was the Sonic just inside town as we pull in we notice every one here sees it all ready it hovered for about another 10 minutes then shot north again with those same vertical blue lighting bolt trailing it never saw it again. Don't know what it was but me and a lot of other people saw it would liked to of gotten a picture of it but didn't don't know why but surely someone that saw it did...

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?
Don't know what could move that fast and leave a vertical blue flash of light when it went, or I would dismiss it

Personal Background
I am retired, know but used to own my own business, a plastic fabrication, shop ,I am a Colorado native, that grew up in a rural area east of Denver about an hours drive

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting
Never have seen one or been abducted, kind of thought them as hog wash till we saw this thing, it was real and I can't explain or come up with a logical explanation for it just know there was something there,and me my niece and nephew still to this day know it was real and very odd but spectacular at the same time

Reported Sighting? Yes
Reported To: family, freinds
Location: Aurora co
Age: 57


 NAVIGATION MENU     Report 1 of 10698