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Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, United States

Summary:  Pulsing, orange lights and an unusual "visit" thereafter.

Date Posted: 9/2/2014 9:59:31 AM

Sighting Time: 12:30 P.M.
Day/Night: Nighttime
Duration: seconds

No. of Witnesses: just me

Size of Object(s): I can't guess the size of that craft, but I can say nothing in THIS world travels at that speed and importantly, trajectory. Meteors go ACROSS the sky with a subtle arc and, of course, sometimes fall DOWN to earth giving all who witness them quite a show. What I saw was traveling straight UP in a PERFECTLY STARIGHT LINE leaving a trail of perfectly EQUAL sized pulses behind. There were NO clouds that night to obscure my line of sight. That thing was out of our atmosphere in mere seconds. Now, as far as the rooftop observation; again, my mind went to "monkey", rather, chimpanzee. It exhibited a very smooth, fluid, flowing movement when it turned to leave my company.

Description of Area / Surroundings
Ours is a subdivision of 65 homes. Each property commands anywhere from a third to a full acres of lawn. Outside our development are several more neighborhoods with a smattering of land that is still farmed for cattle fees. There are no forests nearby as the area was largely gently rolling farmland or horse pasture in years past. The infamous Three Mile Island with it's adjacent Harrisburg International Airport about 20 miles to the East of my home and there are two military installations, weapons and supply repositories, to the East and West of us about 10 miles respectively.

Full Description & Details
This wasn't a "recent" sighting; however, about a year or so ago I was letting my dog out one last time before retiring for the night. It was about 12:30 P.M. and the skies were quite clear with an abundance of visible stars While the dog was trotting about the lawn and I was "star-gazing", a pulsing, distinctively orange light shot almost STRIAGHT UP into the stratosphere. Again, this left a trail, a SERIES of light pulses straight as a bullet flies. It did NOT arc ACROSS the night sky as so many meteors will. This was a series of POKER STRAIGHT "pulses" leaving the earth's atmosphere in total silence but at an alarming speed.

So that was, shall we say, "unique". But a few weeks later and performing the same nightly ritual with the dog, I found myself standing in our driveway watching the dog go about his business. Our garage is a side entrance and the drive slopes down as it goes from it. I was midway down the drive, about 30 feet from the garage looking AWAY from our home when for some reason I was compelled to turn around and look UP at the peak of the garage roof. I've never once in the 23 years at this residence and having gone through a series of subsequent dogs all in need of a pre-bedtime bathroom break, felt COMPELLED to turnaround and look directly at the garage peak, the very end which is above the actual garage door.

But on this particular night I saw the dark outline of a simian form; sitting on its haunches, staring down at me. Let me dispel any thoughts of raccoons (we have never seen one since we moved here over two decades ago), a cat, (FAR too large for a feline) or any other denizen of the forest and clearly, not a dog as there's no way ANY dog, no matter how athletic, could physically get on that roof.

Rather, this reminded me much of a monkey, four limbs and approximately two feet and change tall. Naturally I was shocked to see such a sight against the brightly moonlit roof of my garage and stared, amazed, for a few seconds. I was, as I said, about 30 feet in front of the garage door, but as I took my first steps toward the visage, slowly turned around to walk away. That was the most shocking part of this episode. It was then that I could make out it's hips, back side, waist, broad shoulders and it's long, striding outstretched arm as it turned completely about and disappeared back the roofline.

I immediately ran into the garage and scrambled to where I keep two very large "Maglite" brand flashlights. I ALWAYS keep fresh Duracell batteries in those lights because I use them quite often while walking my dog and in finding his toys when we play fetch at night. IN any case, the flashlights were beamed all over the roof, my neighbors roofs, the yards; EVERYWHERE for quite a few minutes.

I find it a little too coincidental that I witnessed the aforementioned night sky anomaly, and but two weeks later see some creature peering down at me from a nearly impossible vantage point.

These two incidents were a year or so ago and nothing extraordinary has transpired since, for which I'm grateful. The pulsing..."take-off" was weird enough; but the monkey on the rooftop was truly unsettling.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?
Not a chance.

Personal Background
I've got a bachelors degree from Penn State in Liberal Arts. I've been a professional sales representative and colossal pain in the ass to my wife for 25 years. My hobbies include art in several mediums; and music, for which I own seven or eight guitars, a smattering of amplifiers in various sizes and volume, keyboards, violin, cello, mandolin and an embarrassingly large set of drums.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting
I'm a devotee of "The History Channel" and it's recent proliferation of "Alien" and "UFO" programming. Let's just say that after these events, I watch those programs a little more intently. I have no doubt...not even of the slightest kind, that my observations were not of this world. What's more, there's been such a growing number of sightings and encounters of late; who can deny the existence of other life outside our tiny domain? It's not only ridiculous, but rather pompous to think "we're IT"! Mathmatically speaking...out OWN galaxy is home to millions of stars..."Suns" if you will...MILLIONS of them! Then there are purportedly, MILLIONS of galaxies with there host of millions of stars. Can any contemporary, THINKING human still believe that we...the residents of Earth...are the only sentient beings? That archaic thinking is ludicrous and sadly, laughable.

Other Comments
I continually ponder..."Why me?" I'm just a regular guy..."Mr. Suburbia". There's nothing remarkable about my life, intellect or talents. So why did one of them decide to "perch" themselves atop my middle-class home in "Jerk-Water", Pennsylvania? What's more; if you've come such a tremendous distance for a "visit", arriving... arguably, a rather boring guy's house; why not stay for a cup of coffee and piece of cake? Why the hurry to scamper away? Let's chat...

Reported Sighting? No
Location: Dillsburg, PA, USA
Age: 53


 NAVIGATION MENU     Report 2 of 9821