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 NAVIGATION MENU     Report 2 of 11032
August, 25,
Cleburne, Texas, United States

Summary:  We've been visited by a small alien. We have waken up to small crops in the back and side of the house numerous times. We've been having many incidents of lights,probing lights, steps on top of house.We have video of crops but will only be shown to interested individual inperosn. we will not download it.

Date Posted: 8/26/2016 8:34:46 PM

Sighting Time: 11:00am
Day/Night: .

No. of Witnesses: 10

Appearance / Description of Object(s)
gray 3 foot tall graish creature. long tailed crops with circles at the head of the design and on the sides.

Description of Area / Surroundings
rural area. small town. power plant 40 miles away.

Full Description & Details
We had just gotten back from swimming and cooking out near a river. There was about 10 people involved....mainly nephews and nieces and we decided to have a night of astology and looking out for abnormal sights inthe sky. While everybody was gathering chairs I noticed our van moving back and forth with great force. I yelled "ya better stop fighting in there" thinking that it was some of the young kids but since the rocking of the van never stopped, I decided to go over to the van that had the back doors open. As I'm approaching it I continue to yell and and all of the sudden a small 3 foot creature, kind of grayish, hunched jumped out and ran to the driver's side of the van. The kids became frighten and some ran inside a small shed and others to the car we had near by. My husband runs to the car and tries to drive around and shed some light as I immediately went by the passengers side to then try to see exactly what this creature was. Instead, this creature ran into an overgrown field that's right next to our house. This creature was running through this field so fast that you could hear it physically moving the tall grass and twigs out of the way. We are still having more abnormal activites going on and we need someone to please come and help us find out what and why are these things going on in our house and yards.

Personal Background
I'm a medical tech, some college, caregiver. I work at a hospital.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting
we've been seeing quite a few sightings and we're not afraid of them. They've been around us too long and we feel at ease with their presence.

Other Comments
We would like someone to come and start doing an investigation as to the possibility of small crops now starting to show around houses backyards. We have a video and witnesses as to all the activites mentioned.

Reported Sighting? No
Name: Celia Wiggins
Location: Cleburne, Tx Johnson
Age: 47


 NAVIGATION MENU     Report 2 of 11032