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 NAVIGATION MENU     Report 20 of 11145
August, 15, 1977
Ohio State University, Ohio, United States

Summary:  SETI Wow Signal decoded by Former Intelligence Officer using Numerology. The signal decoded has many religious words from the signal, date of signal, duration, and frequency. It points to the 1964 "Moon of Memphis" UFO and it witness. Jesus Christ, God, Allah, and the words Zion, Mercy, Kind, Angels, Heaven, and Hell are decoded from the signal.

Date Posted: 11/24/2016 9:28:05 PM

Sighting Time: 10:00 PM
Day/Night: Nighttime
Duration: 10-15 minutes

No. of Witnesses: 1

Size of Object(s): Estimated size of UFO is ten acres
Distance to Object(s): Appeared at about 20,000 feet altitude

Appearance / Description of Object(s)
The signal probably came from the "Moon of Memphis" UFO which is a bright white moon looking object with well defined circular shape.

Description of Area / Surroundings
Hilly residential area of Memphis, TN called Frayser. A USN Air Base ten miles North in Millington, TN.

Full Description & Details

On August 15, 1977 at 22:16 or 10:16 PM EDT, a signal was detected by Ohio State University SETI Project from the constellation Sagittarius. Sagittarius, half human and half horse, is the centaur of mythology, the learned healer whose higher intelligence forms a bridge between Earth and Heaven. This signal called the "Wow Signal" was 6EQUJ5 with a following (6) and (7). If I decode the signal with numerology we get interesting words. First 6=6+E=5+Q=17+U=21+J=10+5=5 for a total of 64. The "Moon of Memphis" UFO appeared in 1964 and the words that has the same numeric sum are: "Israel", "Zion", "Jeshua" as Hebrew word for Messiah Jesus, "Gautama" as Buddha, "American", and "Mercy". If we decode to letters all of the signal then we get the letters (6=(F),EQUJ,5=(E)) meaning Flying Entity Q (or God) Under Jesus Entity; when we rearrange the letters for another meaning then we get (UFQEJE) meaning Unidentified Flying Q (or God) Entity, Jesus Entity. In the first sequence the 6 and 5 for 65 is the sum of the word "Seven" meaning the age of the "Moon of Memphis" UFO witness. The second sequence numbers of 6 and 7 could mean 67 subtracted from 100 for a sum of 33 for the God "Amen" and the initials (WHB) of the "Moon of Memphis" UFO witness. The witness of the "Moon of Memphis" UFO is "Bickers" and the sum of this last name is 67. Also the sum of the word "Soul" is 67. If we add the 64 +6+7= 77 which is the sum of the words "Christ", "Character", "Judaism", and "Power". The 6 and 7 converted to letters are (F) and (G) which together could mean Friendly or Flying God. If you add the 6+7=13; and 13=M for the "Moon of Memphis" UFO; then subtract 13 from 77 you get 64 for the 1964 year of the "Moon of Memphis" UFO appearance; if you add 13 to 77 you get 90 for the 1990 first voice communications of UFO spirits in the mind of the "Moon of Memphis" UFO witness. If you take only the numbers of the signal 6-5-67 with 67 meaning 1967 then you will have the start of the famous Six Days War whereby Israel defeated the invading neighbor countries. This date may mean that UFO and the God called "Amen" interceded to improve the outcome for Israel and was their Messiah with this Miracle War. The historic battle of Armageddon was probably the famous Six Day War of Israel in 1967 and that is why it decodes in the signal numbers. The date 6-5-1967 has a sum of 34 which is the sum of the word "Allah" (meaning God). The time 10:16 pm could be perceived as 10+16=26 which is the sum of the word "God" and 10=J meaning perhaps Jesus; if you used 22:16 then the digits equals 11 for the month of November whereby the "Moon of Memphis" UFO appeared on 11-22-1964 at 2200 and lasted about 16 minutes. If you decode 22:16 as 22=V and 16=P then it could mean Virtue Power. If you add the 72 seconds to 22:16 you get 22:17; the 17=Q (Flying God). If you add 22:16 as 22+16=38 you will have the same sum as the date of the signal 8-15-1977. The 38 is the sum of the word "Kind". If we decode the date 8-15-1977 we get a sum of 38 and in 1938 the radio show drama performed by Orson Welles, "War of the Worlds" was aired. If we take 1977 and subtract the 1+9 from 77 for a sum of 67 and subtract that from 100 for a sum of 33 for the God called "Amen". Words with 67 as its sum are "Lives", "Receive", "Work" and "Bickers" (witness last name). When we add 1+9 to 77 we get 87 which the sum of the words "Priests", "Truth" and "Baptist" (the witness religious denomination at seven years old). If we take 1977 and subtract 19 from 77 for a sum of 58 which is the sum of the words "Angels" and "Star" or Star of Bethlehem UFO. When you add 19 to 77, you get 96 which the sum of the words "Forgiven" and "Bigotry". If you decode the month 8 = H and the day 15 = O then it may mean Holy Object. If we analyze the location of the SETI Project, "Ohio", we get a sum of 47 which is the sum of the word for God in Spanish called "Dios". The 77 from 1977 is the sum of the word "Christ" and the 1+9=10 or J for Jesus thus 1977 means Jesus Christ. The signal was 72 seconds long which is the sum 72 of the street "Leweir" where the 1964 "Moon of Memphis" UFO was observed. The 72 seconds = 1 min 12 seconds with 1=A and 12=L or AL or (A)rtificial (L)ife; the sum of 72 is 9 for (I) or (I)ntelligence. The 7=G and 2=B for possibly 7 year old or (God's Bickers), the witness of the "Moon of Memphis" UFO. The frequency of the signal 1420.4556 MHZ could be summed up to be 1420 = 7 and .4556 = 20 or 7.2 for the length of the transmission or the street "Leweir"; the 7=G and 20=T meaning possibly (G)od's (T)ransmission ; and the 7 could mean the age of the witness of the "Moon of Memphis" UFO with 20 meaning T for Testimony meaning 7 year old Testimony. The sum of 1420.4556 = 27 which is the sum of the words "Code", "Job", or "Race"; the "Code" could mean numerology taught by UFO spirits to the "Moon of Memphis" UFO witness, "Job" could mean a Schizophrenic prophet like the Biblical "Job" and also like the "Moon of Memphis" UFO witness; and "Race" could mean White, Hispanics, and Blacks which could mean WHB or the initials of the "Moon of Memphis" UFO witness. The race could mean the U.S. Presidential race phenomenon over 26 "twenty six years" (26=God) (1990-2016) since first UFO spirit contact whereby the initials WHB of the "Moon of Memphis" UFO witness was one or more of his initials in the President's initials as a clue to the importance of the "Moon of Memphis" UFO testimony, analysis, theology, and Revelation. The frequency 1420 could mean 14=N, 20=T plus .4556 could mean DEEF for a message: "Noble Transmission" / "Divine Entity Eternal Friend" and a possible meaning in reverse "Feed The Needy" or "Feed Everybody End Death". The 1420 could mean 1=A and 42=UFO and RVB (father of witness) or Amen's UFO. In addition, the .4556 could mean 1964 with the 55 meaning sum of the word "Heaven" and 5+5= 10=J for Jesus or 1+9 and the 6 and 4 is 64; the 1420 could mean 14+20 = 34, the sum of the word "Allah". If you take 1420.4556 and add 14+20+20=54 for the sum of the words "Islam" and "Love". Also, .4556 could mean 45="God's" and 56="Disabled" and "friend" for a message "God's Disabled Friend" meaning the schizophrenic witness of the "Moon of Memphis" UFO and the witness' father who was disabled with one arm. Lastly .4556 could mean the 46 the sum of Hindu God of Heaven "Indra" with 55 sum of "Heaven" for Indra's Heaven. The declination of the signal was J2000 Equinox of 26 57' +-20' which could mean 26 as sum of word "God" and 57 as sum of word "Moon" and "Mary" plus the birth year of the "Moon of Memphis" UFO witness; together may mean God of the "Moon of Memphis" UFO and Mary. If we add the 20' to 57' then we get 77' and 77 is sum of word "Christ"; if we subtract 20' from 57' we get 37' which is sum of the words "Like" and "Hell". The signal nearest star was Tau Sagittarii which decodes with Tau=42 which is the sum of "UFO" and Sagittarii=113 which is the sum of "Judgements" for a message of "UFO Judgments". The message from the signal could read: (Jesus Christ of mercy and love wants you to be kind and go to heaven, not hell by UFO judgments). This analysis strongly suggests that God using a possible UFO created by God was responsible for the signal and the decoded sum of the signal of 64 makes it a pointer to the 1964 "Moon of Memphis" UFO event of the God called "Amen". The analysis also suggests that many of the world's religions are respected and represented by the SETI Wow signal and it may be a heaven for the good and kind of all life and beliefs. This radio signal helps to prove that the 1964 "Moon of Memphis" UFO was a solid object with radio capabilities, not a atmospheric plasma ball of light. UFOs can communicate with humanity and possibly can affect home radios.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?
Not a light from ground or a balloon. The real moon was blood red or orange rising above the eastern horizon with the "Moon of Memphis" UFO bright overhead the size of the full moon and bright enough to create a shadow.

Personal Background
Eagle Scout, Capt UFAF / Lt USCG Retired. Former Private Pilot, Former Instructor Navigator, Former Tactic Training Officer, Former Air Intercept Controller, Former Intelligence Officer, BA in Political Science, MA in Human Resources Management.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting
I prayed to God to see a UFO twenty four days earlier on 30 October 1964 which digits of date equaled 24. I heard a report on AM radio while travelling North on HY 51 of UFOs seen in western Tennessee and Kentucky. This radio report could have come from an UFO.

Other Comments
I believe the "Moon of Memphis" UFO is the source of the SETI signal. This UFO probably is a celestial New Jerusalem mention in the book of Revelation. It probably has the spirits of Jesus and Mary and spirits of many important religious leaders and the spirits and Angels of the Good and Kind.

Reported Sighting? No
Name: William H. Bickers
Location: Memphis, Tennessee USA
Age: 59


 NAVIGATION MENU     Report 20 of 11145