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February, 25, 2011
Koln, Germany

Summary:  Sighting of a black triangular ufo very close to me, while I was travelling in the highway.

Date Posted: 3/16/2011 5:44:06 PM

Sighting Time: 22.45 PM
Day/Night: Nighttime
Duration: 7-10 seconds

No. of Witnesses: 1

Size of Object(s): I think it was about the same size of a jumbo, thinking about the wingspan, and then making an equilateral triangle on it (about 65 meters side). It was bigger than the entire highway below, that was 3+3 lanes.
Distance to Object(s): 80 meters above me

Appearance / Description of Object(s)
Was a black triangular craft, not reflective at all, maybe due to surface texturing or coating material, and it could be seen in contrast with the light coming from reflection of the clouds. It only had 3 lights, two whiteat the corner of the "wings" which were emitting at constant intensity, and a red pulsed light placed on the front edge of the triangle, that was very similar to those of wing's turbines. They seemed to be led, quite bright but also not big in dimensions. The sides of the triangle were staight, without ragged edges and was a almost equilateral.

Description of Area / Surroundings
on the highway E3 near koln, after the exit of Leverkusen directed to konigsforst. On the right there is the civil airport of Koln few Km from that point.

Full Description & Details
On friday the 25th of february 2011, I was driving in the highway E35 from Enschede (Holland) to Lorrach (Germany) and I was at about 22.45 p.m. near Koln, exactly between Leverkusen and Konigsforst exits.

That night the weather was not very good during the travel, since it was in places foggy and rainy and in places only cloudy.

Near Koln the weather was only cloudy and, for that reason, the sky was very bright, colored from dark orange to red, because of the clouds which were very dense and were reflecting and diffusing a good part of the light coming from the city and the airport, which is very close to that point, as is possible to see from googlemaps.

Suddendly, I noticed above my car three lights, two fixed white lights and one red pulsed (about 0,5-1 Hz frequency). The red one was very similar to those that are on top of the wing’s turbines, and the white light had the same size of the red one.

I fixed these lights and as my eyes could focus the object, I clearly saw a black triangular craft flying over me very smoothly and at slow speed without changing altitude going travelling from left to right respect to my point of observation for about 7-10 seconds befor going behind the threes at the side of the highway.

The two white stationary lights where on the edges of the “wings” and the pulsed red light was on the front edge of it.

What I saw was very clear, I can remember every detail of it; it was so close to me, that it was impossible not to notice it and fix it like I did.

My estimated altitude of the craft was about 80 meters high and the size was very similar to that of a jumbo jet.

I was closed inside my car, and it was quite windy also, so there was a certain disturbance of the sound, but I was still surprised not to hear any noise from an aircraft so close to me.

While it was travelling at about 110 Km/h along the x axis direction, it was always almost at my same x position of me and it was also moving outside (from left to right) along the y axis (90 degrees from x axis) at about 60 Km/h; making a rough approximation not extimating the that it was only the projection and not the real position, I estimated his velocity of about 180 Km/h (Pitagora’s theorem).

I didn’t make a better calculation, because of the not sure height that I estimated.

If it was higher, well the speed was higher, but also the dimensions would become huge.

To have an approximated idea of the solid angle under which I saw the triangle, you can make a triangle with both your indexes and the thumbs of your hands and place it above your face ad a distance of about 40 cm.

It wasn’t for sure a hang-glider, because when it was going behind the threes, the angle between the ground and it, with me as vertex, was too small to indicate a smaller objetc at about 20 meters of height. Moreover, when I see it escaping from that angle, I saw that it was flat and there were no place were a motor or a person could be positioned below the wings.

This object, as I noticed afterwards, was flying almost on the same path of normal airplain approaching for landing, but without the same light, that are well recognisable and coded.

I also thought it could be a stealt or a B2 bomber, but I’m sure that the shape of the object was trinagular and not at all with that unmistakable shabe on the tail of these aircrafts.

It was also very strange to think about either a military airplane or a black hang-glider flying on a civil airport without lights, at night on the same path of the incoming jumbos and those unexpected lights.

I’m sure that was not a conventional aircraft.

I'm pretty sure of the indication that I give you, because I compared the sighting with normal civil airplains landing in Frankfurt and Koln, which where almost at the same distance of the triangle from the highway below. When they are low you can count the windows on the side.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?
That was too close to make mistakes, and the clouds were to bright not to see the shape very well. I'm fashinated by ufos, but these flying triangular are the less "strange" objects seen, since they have a certain aerodynamical shape, maybe a lifting body concept, and many talks about 3b project, Aurora... I don't know, but the sightings of these objects are very recent in comparison with other really weird in shape. So, at the end, they could be the most probably more close to human manufacture.

Personal Background
I have a bachelor in astrophysics, a master degree in solid state physics, I worked for some industries in R&D in the field of laser applications, also in photovoltaics, and now I've just started my Phd program on laser application for Potovoltaics industry in Holland.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting
Pretty the same. Excited for having seen one, but I was already convinced that ufo exists. Too many sightings and evidences, it's just not scientific to say it everything crap. To many people also with very solid scientific grounds explains experiences that cannot be ignored.

Other Comments
Hope to contribute a litte bit to inform everybody that, everything they are or come from, they exists.

I realised that is not simple to convince someone that you are not crazy and you don't want to prank him. Most people simply don't want to know that their easy life has maybe something obscure in it.

I'm only curious and not scared.

Reported Sighting? Yes
Reported To: To friends and my family
Location: Enschede
Age: 28


 NAVIGATION MENU     Report 2656 of 9949