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August, 2011
Forth Smith, Oklahoma, United States

Summary:  I and my girlfriend were "camping" (sleeping in our rented car) outside Forth Smith (not comfortable at all). When the sun was setting and only lightening up the clouds we saw this (see image). I snapped a photo with my iPhone. The what-ever-it-was didn't make a sound as far as we could hear. We still wonder what it was. But that won't keep us from taking our holidays in the US. Anyway, it was a bit strange..

Date Posted: 2/14/2015 9:57:28 PM

Sighting Time: 10:15 PM
Day/Night: Dusk/Evening
Duration: 4-5 minutes.

No. of Witnesses: 2

Size of Object(s): As you can see it was not too far away. I'd say - though i didn't do it - that at arm's length it was about 5 cm in length. It seemed to be 30 meters or so wide.
Distance to Object(s): I have no idea how far away this thing was. But I'd estimate 2 to 3 kilometers.

Appearance / Description of Object(s)
It did look like the traditional UFOs. But what are those?

Description of Area / Surroundings
We were 'camping' in a desert-like area. No houses or farms to be seen. That seemed to be a good place. I don't know if there were any military bases in the area.

Full Description & Details
We only happened by chance to see this thing. Of course we thought it was a UFO at first. But I don't believe in UFOS, so I didn't really got alarmed. It happened around 10 PM. Maybe 10 to 15 minutes after 10 PM.

Personally I think it's a test plane of the military. My girlfriend thinks it's a UFO. But where would it come from? The nearest star (that might or might not have planets) are light-years away. :)

BUT I still wonder a bit.

As mentioned above the picture was taken about 20 miles from Forth Smith in Oklahoma. I'd say south-west of Forth Smith.

The thing moved from the right to the left. Not fast, but not slow either.

I'm sorry that I can't tell you anymore.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?
Since I don't believe in extraterrestrial stuff I'd say it might have been a test plane.

Personal Background
I'm an economist and a programmer. Worked for the government in Denmark for many years. Now retired.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting
I still don't believe in extraterrestrial crafts.

Other Comments
I would like to hear your take on this. I'm still a bit puzzled.

Reported Sighting? No
Name: Finn Ekberg Christiansen
Location: Spørring Trige, Denmark
Age: 57


 NAVIGATION MENU     Report 973 of 11083