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 NAVIGATION MENU     Report 976 of 10287
December, 15, 2013
Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Summary:  Metallic silver object heading SSW at high altitude over Perth, Western Australia, and intermittently flashing intensely bright light.

Date Posted: 12/15/2013 11:58:38 PM

Sighting Time: 10.20am
Day/Night: Daytime
Duration: Approximately 30 seconds

No. of Witnesses: 3

Size of Object(s): Relative size no bigger than stars in the night sky. Distance too great to determine actual size.
Distance to Object(s): Impossible to determine altitude without knowing size, but most certainly extreme altitude.

Appearance / Description of Object(s)
Two distinctly silver objects, apparently coupled together, and intermittently flashing intensely bright light.

Description of Area / Surroundings

Full Description & Details
At approximately 10.20am on December 15th, 2013, I was outside the stage door of the Old Mill Theatre in South Perth, when an unfamiliar red biplane flew over at the usual 1500-or-so feet, heading north. Being an aviation enthusiast, I naturally looked up at it to identify its type, but my attention was attracted by a bright silver object at much higher altitude and heading in the opposite direction. My immediate thought was that it was a child's silver balloon, of the sort I have occasionally seen before, but I quickly dismissed this as a possibility because of its high altitude, steady trajectory and apparent high speed.

Too high to make out any useful detail, nevertheless, it appeared as two bright silver objects coupled together and intermittently flashing intensely bright light, similar to a mirror reflecting sunlight. I called out two of the ladies who were busy inside the dressing room, for them to also see it. They were, however (and disappointingly) not as impressed by it as I was, and did not watch it for as long as I did. I watched it for some 30-odd seconds, as it continued on its south-south-easterly course, until its distance was too great for further observation at approximately 45 degrees from the horizon.

Sceptical about whether satellites, or even the International Space Station, could be visible in broad daylight, I later used the internet to investigate scheduled overflights of both. Although there were indeed scheduled overflights of Perth, the times of these did not match by a wide margin. I have reported the sighting to the Perth Observatory, who, in turn, have consulted with Air Traffic Control authorities, all of whom are as mystified as I am.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?
No scheduled overflights of weather balloons, satellites or space station. Intensity of flashes could not be caused by reflected sunlight from child's balloon.

Personal Background
Artist and actor. Served in the Royal Australian Air Force, have some flying experience and am familiar with aircraft, atmospheric conditions etcetera.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting
Very open-minded. I have two previous experiences, which I would describe as extraterrestrial, and which I may also report here. This one, I am merely curious about, as it did not strike me as being potentially extraterrestrial in nature.

Reported Sighting? Yes
Reported To: Perth Observatory
Name: Mr T. Prosser
Location: Perth, Western Australia
Age: 55


 NAVIGATION MENU     Report 976 of 10287