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UFO Sighting Report


Conversation w/ Dr. Heinik, 1964



Date Reported:

9/17/2012 3:10:26 PM



Full Description & Details

Dear Dr. Swords,.

I am not reporting a sighting but, adding to your "Swamp Gas" story, in the "UFO:Secret History", 2010 documentary.

I had a laugh concerning the story that you spoke of after the Swamp Gas incident, of 1963/64(?). Dr. Heinick, as you know worked at NW Univ. in Chicago, during that time- in addition to being a UFO consultant, for the Air Force he was the program manager of a project/conract we had with NW(North Western) on Photo Reconnaisance evaluation techniques.

At that time I was a 1st Lt./Photographic Engineer(RIT Grad), Reconnaissance Systems Officer, Reconnaisance Div, Wright-Patterson AFB, Oho and, attached to that program.

Shortly after that "UFO sighting", he came to Wright-Patterson to consult on a particular contract. During our session, I had the opportunity to speak with him about the story. He told us that he was called, at home, early in the morning, about the incident and to get to the site, ASAP. I asked him if the sighting was swamp gas. He told us that a few reporters were joking about swamp gas and that an AF Colonel, told HIM to write a story around swamp gas. When we asked, naturally, if it was, he stated, NO. At that time he considered it another unknown. I further asked him what the ratio was between the known and unknown. He told us that about 94% were identifiable sightings:6% he would consider as UFO's.

I later years, I heard that Dr. Heinick, had renounced the theory, of UFO's, before he died. I never believed that! I do believe the the Air Force wanted him to do that;I believe that you were right in stating that the AF wanted to drop the program. Since that day, I have become a "strong" believer in the existance of UFO's.

In 1963, I believe, my Father told me of a sighting he had. We had a home in Lexington, MA. Our home bordered(back yard) on the property of a sanitorium. No Lights, no roads, just lawn for quite a distance. You couldn't see the hospital's lights. His sighting occurred on an evening in 1958. He went from our family room, in the basement, upstairs to the kitchen.

Before he turned the light on, he saw a bright, large, circular light in the hospital yard, near ours. The light went from a still position, straight up(not out of his sight), an took an immediate right angle to the North. Our kitchen faced due East. That night, approximately six cars had their engines electromagnitized, on the New Hampshire Turn Pike.. That story made the news!! I asked, my Dad, why he never said anything. He told me that he didn't want to loose his job and, people would think he was crazy. That was the thinking, back then. Do I believe him? No question! My Father was an honest man. A very religious man. A man that you could trust with your life.

Over the years, between my Air force duties and Civilian jobs- 27 years in the Air Force between Acitive and Reserve Duty, Retired as Lt. Col.- I came across many people who have "seen" UFO's.

I worked , from 1970-1973 at NASA, Houston. I was associated with Technicolor graphic Services(a division of Technicolor Inc..) I was the Asst. Photo Sciences Office Mgr. During that time I came in contact with Dr. Thornton Page. He had a project on the Apollo 15 mission. He, and his wife , were Astro Physicists. His project involved the UV Spectrographic Camera and the study of the Lunar Atmosphere(which he discovered along with the crossover of the "belts" around the Earth. We had long conversations about UFO's. He was a UFO buff and a believer. He said it all, one day. He said, "Paul, I am not a very religious man but, I can not believe that God created this level of life on this planet, alone." He stated that there are many planets that could be like ours or, have the same or higher level of life.

I think the most pronounced sighting frequency was at White Sands Missile Range, NM(1975-1983) as a Photographic System Engineer, with Dynalectron Corp., in the High Speed, Film Processing Lab. . My duties placed me in constant contact with the high speed camera operators. These guys use to get to the range early, for a mission. They would have to load the camera magazines and get to the camera sites ASAP, in preparation for photographing the missiles, in flight. During their travels, they would, quite often, see formations of UFO's. Between our area and the NASA Rocket Test Facility, on the West side, of the Organ Mts., there was always corroberation. Nothing ever hit the press. It was almost as if it weren't press worthy.

Over the years I have seen stories. I have wondered but, never disbelieved!

Witness Background

Due to my AF affiliation, Please do not place my name on your web site. You may use my initials or, first name. Thank you

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I believe in their existance.


Paul F. Bourque

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Highland, CA, San Bernardino