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UFO Sighting Report


September, 22, 2012


Dublin, Ohio, United States


Lights flickering and jittering off each other, traveling towards me in a direct path, from the west and slightly to the north.

Date Reported:

9/30/2012 4:09:46 PM

Sighting Time: 

9:50 pm



No. of Witnesses: 



seemed like 3 to 5 minutes

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

1) They were flickering red / orange lights jittering as they approached. I could eventually count them with 4 or 6 to a set. 2) They were red and rectangular when its 'doors' were closed. 3) Red dissipated from center out as they opened. 4) As they opened you could see what appeared to be these translucent vats of gas. They were orange in color with the exception of the first and last one I saw that were red in color. The red ones had black or almost black bands, the orange ones were shades of gray depending on the shade of orange. 5) Of the two I saw pair up, as I imagine they all did, they seemed to be recharging ar something. 6) A massive white panel appeared, on the side and bottom, that seperated into sections with hydraulics visible. A white ripple shaded by black rippled as the panels appeared. I could see shadows cast on itself as with the waves of the recharging vats.

Size of Object(s)

RELATIVE SIZE: The Lights: Initially, specs, an inch or two. Later, like the size of 4x8, rectangular red shapes standing on end. Lastly, 20 x 40 The Vats: 20x40x(a few feet of depth). The Panel: 20x40x10 feet of depth? 2 feet thick. ACTUAL SIZE: I don't know? Massive, enormous. 80 miles deep, 20miles wide x 40 miles tall. (Massive, enourmous, unreal)

Description of Area / Surroundings

Businiess residential.

Full Description & Details

Even though my first thought was, 'that doesn't seem right', I thought they must have been helicopters. Then I heard 3 'Thwumps' of a military helicopter flying at low range off to my northeast. I looked out my front and passenger side windows of my car and saw nor heard nothing more. This seemed to take maybe 5 seconds before I turned my attention back to my left. 'Where did they go?' I looked up and above me, 'Oh, there they are'. One was above my head. It had a fuzzy red with something being enclosed that resembled a vat. 'How did they get here that fast. Damn, I missed it'. Til I looked back down to my left to see more coming in, Woh. What's going on? What are these things? They've got to be helicopters. But they can't be helicopters. Helicopters don't move that fast. And I just heard a military helicopter. Why would the military be tracking them? Invasion? Are they missiles. Did _______ find a way to launch some missiles at us? They are heading towards Washington. No that can't be because the one that passed me is now way up in the air. Maybe they are missiles? Hell, I don't know'. I looked back to my left, 'Here comes more. And there are some more, and more behind that'. There were 4, then 6, then 4....., I got my phone out to record. 'UFOS? Are these UFOS?' An Asian man had parked his car to watch with his wife and son about 30 feet from me. When I looked back to my left the second to last set had arrived and I was looking at these see to red rectangles. "Hell no! Someone is ****** with me. There is no way this is happening. I'm not seeing this. There is no way this is real. This has got to be a hoax?' I looked around for the hoaxer, someone with a projector or whatever. I saw the Asian family and looked up Frantz Road to see a a couple young white guys who stopped to watch a short distance away. I looked back and the red was gone. Instead there were 2 vats of something. They were shaped like the first fuzzy red one I saw. (That one was like at an 80 degree angle or something with black or almost black pipes, or bars or bands or whatever). These were translucent orange and had the same bands, or a pipes, or a bars, or whatever they were, at 1/3rds and 2/3rds up it horitontally, and, like the other one, another running the the middle. They were curved to fit and looked to be inside this vat. 'I didn't just see that! This isn't real, there is no way in hell this is real'. Then I saw the last set to arrive. There were 4. One after the other swooped down as a red standing rectangle. You could see them layered, one behind the other til they leveled and glided towards me floating above the ground. 'These are UFOS! These have got to be UFOS. Witness. I've got to have a witness. I can't be the only one to say I saw this. I drove over to the Asian man. Knowing what I thought they were, (atleast for the moment), I asked him what he '..... thought they were?' He said, 'They must be helicopter?' After what I had been witnessing I had no idea how he could still think these were helicopter? I said, 'Helicopters? These are not helicopters'. Two of this last set of 4 were positioned to the east and a little south. They were red and looked about the size of a car standing on end. I said, 'Watch these two, just watch these two and tell me what you think?, Don't take your eyes off them'. We watched as the red parted and disseminated on both, like sliding glass doors at a department store, exposing this translucent orange vat of gas or whatever it was. The one on the left sat higher in the air. After a few seconds the one on the right glided to the one on the left. As this happened the one on the left became a very pale translucent orange, while the one on the right was simultaneously gaining in orange color. The one on the right hesitated, moved ever so slightly closer and a couple red streaks of something 'flaired' inside each half of this one on the right. As soon as the one on the right reversed direction (the only time I saw one revers direction), I saw a burst, as if to release something on the one to my left. There were 3 points and you could see shadow on the waves before it quickly regained form. I turned back to the Asian man, smiled and said to his stunned face and reasserted, 'These aren't helicopters'. UFOS'. I looked back to see the one on the right just before it stopped moving and they were more or less the same shades of orange. Then I saw something I still can't wrap my head around. There was a slight ripple of a shadowy white on the left side of the one on the left, then this panel appeared turning inward toward this vat. There were hydraulics, an expanding center. It expanded in thickness and width. The front side or portion of this panel was atleast 2 times the size, and maybe up to 5 times the size as the back portion. Then it turned back zoomed out and ripple in one motion. It was massive. Then a bottom panel followed in fashion. The red doors closed and it blipped up to where all the other red/orange light were trailing off to the south. I looked a little to the right were the last two of this last set of 4 were to see an orange vat to my left, a red vat to its right. I immediately thought, 'Its the same red, just like the first one'. The red doors closed, and away they went to join the others. It was like watching a video game.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

Natural object: Not possible. Man-made object: Holographic hoax possible.

Witness Background

I drive cab. I've wrote some lyrics, poetry, and autobiography (that really needs rewritten) about my bizarre life. I have two years of business college. (I'm no artist so I have no images to upload, but would I love to sit down with an artist)

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

in 1976-77, when I was a about 6 or 7 years old I went night fishing and remember the field light up as if it were daytime at 3am, among other stuff. I remember being walked into room and placed onto something metal and there were shadowy figures standing around scaring me and examining me. We were in the country by a creek. No light source for miles. I said something and was told I made it up. The other people just remembered we went fishing and fell asleep. I thought maybe I had a dream from wathching the TV show "Unsolved Mystery's'. .......... In 2010 I slowed on Frantz Rd. in Mid June because I thought I was going to run over someone. I told my passenger '....sorry...'. And I immediately did it again. This time when I turned to talk to him he was fixed on the field at Frantz Rd just north of rings. I looked to see orange light trailing off in the distance. He turnded to talk to me like he hadn't heard a word. It was like he was released from a magnetic field or something. He said, "I think I just saw a UFO". I referred to the lights. He said, "No, right there in that field". I said, "You can't go around telling people that, they'll think you're crazy or making it up". I drove him to his hotel. A half an hour had passed hon a 10 minute car ride. The next day there were crop circles in the field. Within a few days I learned crop circles were found in the UK like the day before this. This occured maybe 2/10ths of a mile from my 9/22/2012 sighting.

Other Comments

I was in an auto wreck on June 6th 1990. Some FBI agents came in to and had a black piece of something in a baggie. They asked me if I '......ever had surgery on my neck before?' I said, 'NO. Why?' They told me the was a hole in my spine like someone had drilled a hole to perform a surgery. I asked what was in the baggie? They told me it was unidentifiable and they were taking it for analysses. I never heard anything more of it. I'm not sure what to make of the natural metaphysical experiences of my life. I'm not sure anyone knows what to make of their own. I tell myself there is explanation, yet I find now concrete answers, only elixirs. These stories seem to be in every culture the world over for thousands of years. Even after this latest experience I tell myself maybe its something from one of those half dosen or so Ancient Alien show I watched a year plus or so ago. But I have found I have video of thes same red / orange lights that dozens of others have. There is another man who posted on a blog he is afraid to tell what he saw earlier this month at Port Columbus Airport, because he doesn't want people to think he is a 'nut case' Either the government is really screwing with peoples head, or there is something to this stuff? After all, civilizations didn't have technology when man kind started telling these stories. All I know is I saw what I saw on 09/22/2012. What it is that I saw, I don't know? Holographic hoax or UFOS? I just don't know.

Reported Sighting? 


Reported To: 

Channel 4 news, www.cufos.org, www.realufos.net, youtube red / orange light video publishers.


Andrew Jay Rogers

Your Location: 

Westerville, Ohio, United States


42 (I look much younger)

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