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UFO Sighting Report


July, 1977


Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States


Saw UFO with a dome on top back in 1977 in Doylestown PA.

Date Reported:

10/9/2012 1:13:49 PM

Sighting Time: 

11:30 PM




Approx 15-20 minutes

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

Gray classic flying saucer with an octagonal frame on the bottom with three standard looking lights (the lights were as big as maybe 2 or 3 of our standard size light bulbs. White, red , blue. No windows or writing was seen on it. It had a low engine noise like what a lawn mower would sound like if it had a muffler on it. Never moved fast only very slowly. When it hovered it didn't move at all. Not an inch and that was the strangest thing about it. No fire, smoke of any kind came from it and we saw the round dome on top as it headed out back over our house.

Size of Object(s)

I was standing right under it. So my arms would be outstretched to a large v shape. It was the size of a pretty good size on of our private airplanes only it was completely round. It did not hover over our road in front of our house (Edison Furlong Rd) part of it was over our garage. It was about 3 or 4 ft from our garage roof - thats my best guess. It was right above me but I don't remember feeling any heat from it or anything else. I don't remember it lighting up the ground or driveway either. Our lights in our house never flickered. We were the only house with lights on which may have attracted it to our house.

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

About 2 to 3 ft over our garage roof. We had a rancher house which is still there.

Description of Area / Surroundings

Alot of houses right in the area. 2 Military Bases but one was in Warminster and one is the Willowgrove Naval Air Base. This was not detected by there radar or they just never responded to this large hovering object. And as I said my mother had called but I don't know if she ever actually explained what we had seen that night.

Full Description & Details

Our dog heard noise outside began barking around 11:30 PM. My mother, young 7 yr old brother and myself Witnessed a round cylindrical object hovering over our driveway and garage. It was a flying saucer, Gray mettalic color, no windows, writting, a low engine noise. No smoke, fire etc. It was just hovering in the sky not far from our garage roof. I went out and stood underneath it. It had 3 lights on bottom. Octagonal frame on the bottom and the 3 lights were different colors. As it slowly moved towards the back of the house and over our backyard we saw a dome on top. No lights or anythind visible on the dome. It slowly went over our neighbors orchard and up to the top of pickwyck drive. It hovered over the trees of the forest - stopped completely for a few minutes then it backed up all the way down to our house. It did not stop at our house it went across the street and towards the Doylestown Courthouse. It stopped midway and hovered over the Pebblehill area then slowly as I looked from my bedroom window I saw what appeared to be a line with what looked like a small rocket thing pulling this saucer up into the sky and then it disappeared into the sky. The next morning my mother called the WBUX radio station and the Willowgrove Naval Air Station in Willowgrove PA. She asked them if anyone had reported seeing anything in the sky that night and they both said no there were no other reports. I don't think my mother ever really explained to them what we had seen because she was so shaken up about it. Thank You for taking my report.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

No. But it could have been a top-secret craft engineered from one of the bases in the area. I was standing right underneath of it and I believe it was extraterrestrial because it hovered so completely stationery- I don't believe that back then or now we have anything like that. I have seen the stealth bomber hover at the air show but it was moving all around with fire and smoke coming from it. This had no visual propulsion of any kind that I could detect, but as I said it had a low engine noise coming from it

Witness Background

I work as a CNA for Neshaminy Manor Nursing Home. I graduated from Central Bucks East H.S. in 1975 and Lansdale Business School in1997.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I always believed they could be real after all, we land objects on other planets why couldn't someone else more advanced then we are do the same thing. Of course I now know they are real. I also reported seeing colored orbs last year in a field off of Paletown Rd . They were bright yellowish with red on the outside sitting in the sky going up in a step like pattern just hovering in the field out there.

Other Comments

I believe we have always had alien people here on earth visiting and possibly living here at times. I have read that alien bases may be in our oceans around the world - this would not surprise me at all. You have to keep an open mind to these reports. Our government as well as most other governments know these things are real only the closed minded people with no interest in this subject do not know and will never believe in any of these sightings etc....

Reported Sighting? 


Reported To: 

Many people and places over the years


Linda A Fleming

Your Location: 

Trumbauersville PA 18970



Image Submitted by Witness:

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1977 ufo sighting in Doylestown PA

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