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UFO Sighting Report




Venice, New Mexico, United States


Just after watching the sun set I turned to watch the lights of L.A. and saw a light moving oddly over the city. I called down for family members to come and see it. When my dad and brother left to get the large binoculars, it came to the west to santa monica then down the coast and stopped almost right over our house, I got a pretty good look at it.

Date Reported:

1/29/2013 2:53:23 PM

Sighting Time: 




No. of Witnesses: 



20-25 min.

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

Maybe triangle shaped with a large ring of lights of different colors in the middle..but not in the center part or around the outer edges.

Size of Object(s)

This might be of help in guessing the size...when it was over the house and I looked at it with the reg. binoculars I had to move it around to be able to look at the whole of it, at least as much as I could since the part beyond the ring of lights was unlit.

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

It seemed to be maybe as far up as the top of a 20 story building?

Description of Area / Surroundings

We were living in Venice Ca right near the beach, inland from Los Angeles.

Full Description & Details

I liked to go upstairs during the warmer months to watch the sunset over the ocean before dinner time. This evening, right after the sunset, I turned to watch the lights of the city come on and noticed a light that was different than the normal aircraft. This light would move in a zig-zag way, where it would stop every once in a while. I watched it to be sure that it was really doing that and once sure, I went inside and called down the stairs to my family to come and see it.

My dad, a former air force pilot, and my older brother came and watched it with me. It impressed my father, so he and my brother left to get his large military binoculars which were way down in the garage. I had the small hand held ones with me, but just watched this light as it did it's odd movements and got to the coast. Then it came down towards our house and surprisingly stopped overhead, just a little towards the south. I was amazed at this happening and even blinked and looked away to make sure it really was there. I could not hear a thing as it just stood there. It seemed to be sort of triangle shaped, but would not swear on it, as the outer part was not lit up. But in the center was a ring of different colored lights, this was for sure. I tried looking at it with the binoculars but it was so close that it wouldn't all fit in. This sounds pretty stupid, but I actually waved at it not knowing what else to do at the time, it was pretty amazing to see this thing. It was there for about 45 seconds before it took off to the south doing that zig-zag, start-stop thing. So, my poor dad and brother missed all the up-close action.

This was not a airplane, helicopter or blimp...saw to many of those everyday. And it made no noise at all that I could hear and I never saw anything move in that way or so quickly. I didn't see "anyone" but know that who ever has a craft like that, probably rules the world. And ever since that day, have been interested in so called UFO's. We expected to hear about it on the news the next day, but heard nothing. An interesting note though...years later while watching a morning talk show a woman who was married to someone well known, forget who. She told about seeing this what sounded like the same light we saw and during the same time frame, from her home in the Hollywood hills and how strange it was.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

If it was some kind of man-made thing it had to be some kind of super advanced craft since it made no noise and could just stand there in mid- air and make right angle turns, not to mention the speed when leaving.

Witness Background


Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I had of course heard of UFOs but didn't really believe in them then. Now, the subject interests me to be sure!

Reported Sighting? 


Reported To: 

a while back while at my moms on her computer, but don't recall the site name, sorry.

Your Location: 

mule creek, nm usa

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