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UFO Sighting Report




Dawlish, Devon, United Kingdom


2 lights at high altitude moving in formation executing square turns, dead stops and incredible speeds seemingly without period of acceleration.

Date Reported:

3/5/2013 10:12:34 AM

Sighting Time: 




No. of Witnesses: 



1 - 3 minutes?

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

too far away to see any detail, they looked like stars, at least as bright as the north star and slightly larger, similar colour to stars.

Size of Object(s)

i have no idea of actual size, the lights were similar in size to stars in night sky, a little larger and as bright or brighter than the north star.

Description of Area / Surroundings

Dawlish is a seaside tourist town, i think the ufos were not directly above us but were slightly to the north west, maybe over dartmoor . I dont feel that they were over anything specific, there is guess naval bases nearby in plymouth, there is a nuclear power station about 70 miles to the NE, there are some miltary execises on dartmoor i think but nothing really of note, a few guys running around, not like salisbury plains where you might have loads of tanks etc. Exeter has an airport, but really there is nothing here of interest to my knowledge.

Full Description & Details

I was talking with a friend in the park one clear night when one or other of us noticed 2 ufos in the sky, whatever we were talking about was imediately discarded and all attention was on what we could see.

I think almost imediately the idea that i was looking at a ufo was in my mind but i tried to think of other explainations which were less extreme, helicopter, plane, satelite, shooting stars etc, but by the end of the experience the only explaination that fit in with my knowledge was that it was a ufo, either it was alien or it was a human piloted aircraft of a design which is generally not known to exist and which far exceeds the capabilities of known craft.

What i / we saw were 2 lights in the sky, they were at high altitude and no detail could be seen, they looked much like stars but were brighter than most, perhaps as bright or brighter than the north star, they also appeared to be slightly larger than the stars in the sky.

They moved together in a formation (approx 2 inches apart from the reletive description below) travelling in a zig zag pattern (again i think the length of the straight movement before square turns of the zigzag pattern was approx 2 inches) they executed about 7 turns before stopping dead and holding position for a short time, perhaps 30 seconds though its very hard to say how long as this experience would im sure distort my perception of time.

Then they moved away VERY fast, there was no real acceleration or if there was it all occured in a very small distance and time frame, one moment they were there the next they were streaking away accross the sky to the north (i looked it up on google earth a minute ago to get a rough direction) they were gone from sight within a few seconds. which i think means they must have been travelling at many thousands of miles per hour.

I did not see them go over the horizon, i think my view may have been obsecured by trees / hills etc

I dont know where they went but i would be more surprised to learn that they had landed somewhere on earth than to learn that they had gone off into space.

They were obviously what is called alien craft and neither of us had any doubts that we had just seen the ufos that other people have reported.

Didnt think there was any point reporting it as no one ever listens or believes it, but at least we knew what we had seen and could now assume that other peoples sightings we infact real.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

If what i saw was man made then it is a top secret technology. there is no way that what i saw can be anything which is generally known to exist. The reason for this is that they performed square turns, were stationary and when they left they moved much, much too fast.

Witness Background

I was a teenager at the time, i smoke pot and had smoked pot that evening, i know people seem to like to dismiss accounts from people such as myself, you would like to tell me that i was on a magical voyage to trip out city and what i saw wasnt real. Anyone who thinks that is fucking idiot. I have smoked pot for about 20 years and i have never before nor since seen anything remotely similar to what i saw that night, pot doesnt work like that, actually i tried acid a few times and not even acid works like that.(if it matters i took the acid many years AFTER seeing this) But i dont really care, think whatever you like, i think its a subject where you are either open to the possibility or youre not. Certainly not all accounts are real because there are retarded people out there who think its a fun game to make up stories but since that night i have known without question that some of the other accounts which are out there are real, i know that because i have seen ufo for myself. I think thats actually a requirement, if you havent seen it for yourself you probably wont believe it, why would you? Doesnt matter who you are, there have been accounts given by squeeky clean people who have alot to lose by admitting what they have seen and people still dont believe it.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I would not say that i knew any more about ufo than the average person before, i dont know much more now. I guess i was somewhat interested in the subject, i am a fan of star trek and star wars, xfiles etc but its not something that i have invested any significant time in.

Reported Sighting? 


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