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UFO Sighting Report




Knoxville, Tennessee, United States


It was hovering about 300-500 ft away. I was a child. It was jetting across the sky at speeds and we wanted to follow it but the adult who picked us up said no way. He was shocked and I believe somewhat scared

Date Reported:

3/16/2013 7:24:09 PM

Sighting Time: 

9 - 10 pm



No. of Witnesses: 


Description of Area / Surroundings

An urban area. It probably hovered for about 1 minute or less.

Full Description & Details

It looked like a saucer shape. Very bright with section windows all the way around. Something I had never seen and I cannot explain. I really only saw the lights because they were so bright. It was hovering maybe 200 ft in the air and then shot across the sky. I will never forget what I saw and I had 2 friends who also saw it plus other people were pointing at it.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

This was too close to be anything I had ever seen and have never seen sense. I think it shot across the sky at a speed which was faster than anything I have ever seen

Witness Background

I was in Jr. High School at the time. I know own my own company.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

Nothing before

Other Comments

I have seen other drawings people have made which look similiar

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Reported To: 

Radio Station, thought it was a joke

Your Location: 

Knoxville TN