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UFO Sighting Report


march 19 2013


bayamon, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico


Was taking pictures of the sky. And got this

Date Reported:

3/19/2013 1:39:22 PM

Sighting Time: 

9:15 a.m.



No. of Witnesses: 



20 mins.

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

Round . Color around the sides . And a beam kinda light on the bottom..

Size of Object(s)

I really don't know

Description of Area / Surroundings

I really don't know I toke it from my back yard. Kinda see houses . And cable cords and the sky..

Full Description & Details

Well. I toke this pictures on my android tablet. I love nature so I started taking pictures of plants and today the sky was beautiful sun was out pretty bright outside . So really couldn't see the sun . But wanted to take a picture of it so I blocked the sun woth my tablet and toke a picture. And didn't notice what I caught . Till I look at it again and saw something in the clouds I zoomed in on it and so lights ! I was shocked . I toke it at 915 in the morning. I showed my parents . And they were prwtty much shocked as well . So my mother told me see if you could get it again. I did. And got it moving two more times . Pretty crazy . Been searching the internet . Trying to find legit pages for these ufos . And found you guys. Hope you enjoy it . Cause how much it was hard to let go of these clear pictures of what I found. I do also wanna share ! Thank you...

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?


Witness Background

I'm a mother . Have a daughter that is 4. Recently moved to puerto rico and been here for 4 months came from pennslyvania . No career yet. But do wanna be a cop . And putting my future in to that prwtty soon . Live at home with my parents . So no job yet. Be 21 in may.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

My intake on the whole ufos . I'm a see it to believe ot kinda person . I always thought it was a government cover up. But who knows. But after this, I am a totally believer ! Believe it believe it!

Other Comments

Amazing how you see things , that will shock you . And basically change your life.

Reported Sighting? 



rosemary rodriguez

Your Location: 

bayamon , puerto rico



Image Submitted by Witness:

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Comments about the image(s):

Don't know what to say but amazing. Couldn't upload the others I have of this but hopefully one is good.

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