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UFO Sighting Report


September, 2006


Fairview (south of nashville), Tennessee, United States


Massive triangular craft, Completely silent, one red light (dim), matte black like a stealth paint job, the bottom looked modular, almost like an inverted flying city. It flew slowly over my position and continued heading east. I think we lost time as well.

Date Reported:

3/24/2013 6:22:33 AM

Sighting Time: 




No. of Witnesses: 



3 or 4 hours

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

Matte black, the absence of light, triangular , not like an isosceles but a little more stretched out and extended, two long sides and one short on the back. The bottom had one intermittent reddish light (maybe orange or yellowish at times) that was VERY VERY faint. Absolutely silent, it felt like a hole in the matte of stars above me, a triangular absence of light.

Size of Object(s)

With my arms outstretched , its almost the whole length of the distance between them, it filled almost all of your peripheral vision except for some small strips on the sides of the craft where I could see the stars still. ACTUAL size, it could have been a mile long depending on the flying altitude, it was hard to gauge, 500 yards per long side, maybe 250 on the short side on the low estimate, the high estimate i would say would be over a mile long.

Description of Area / Surroundings

Rural area, Fields, outlying barns, a lake, no properties within 10 acres or so, no roads in field of vision, just open fields, a couple of barns, and forest beyond.

Full Description & Details

Okay, so it was late September of 2006, my wife and I had recently graduated from college and moved down to Tennessee to live on her family's farm as we really couldn't afford our current rent situation in Kentucky. The land is a 10 acre plot with a lake and outlying barns as well as a house and a large garage attached.

I was standing in the side yard between the house and the outlying barns with my wife and two dogs who were staked into the ground on runners. The sun was setting between the barns and the garage and in the distance i see what looks to be a star off to the side of the setting sun. The 'star' did a U or V shaped arial maneuver with a loop at the top, this sort of blew my mind as the speed was amazing. After the maneuver it stopped, seemed to 'look' this direction (more of a feeling, I know it sounds crazy but I felt some sort of intentionality to the movement, like it noticed that I saw it). It then VERY VERY quickly, like imperceptibly fast came directly toward our position,

This is the point in time where there is a gap in my wifes memory and my memory as well, things are veiled or fuzzy but then regain clarity and certainty very shortly after, this next experience is etched in my mind like it was put there by the finger of god.

The next thing I remember, I was my wife and I both, completely silent, staring up at the sky, and what I first notice is the absence of stars in a GIANT triangular pattern, as if they were being blocked out by something. We lived in the middle of the country, no outlying lights to speak of, so the arc of the milky way is very very prominent, you can see the night sky well. This night, I could only see strips of stars on the outside of this massive shape. So if the entire night sky is a canvas, most of the canvas is absolute blackness (where there should be stars) and small strips of stars around the outside of the object.

It moved fluidly and silently, absolute silence, no frogs, no crickets, no cars on the distant highway, no aircraft, no dogs, no heater or air conditioning noise, nothing, absolute silence. It passed over us, and I got the sense of its size, it reminded me of a black totally stealth version of one of those Imperial star-ships on Star Wars, the one that is showed in the intro to the first movie. It has modules, or rows, sort of like a giant circuit board or like the gridded planning of a city. That is one of the feelings I got, that this thing looks like a blacked out inverted flying metropolis, like little houses or small modular buildings hanging there, I couldnt decide if the craft was a actually several miles across and flying VERY high (like 2000 feet) or if it was only 500 or so across and flying relatively low (500 feet), I assumed GIANT and higher, my wife thought, still large, but lower.

We watched in almost absolute silence with one another as it slowly slid over us both, absolutely silently, it passed, like a small memory or a fugue state I vaguely remember seeing one light on it half way through, reddish or maybe a weird yellow orange, it allowed me to see the gridlike or circuit like patterns and modules on the bottom briefly on what was otherwise fundamentally dark blackness of the craft. It flew off to the east, banked slightly to the north, and then kept going in that direction, i felt a sense of loss when it was gone.

My wife and I walked back into our house, The dogs were lying in the house asleep, oblivious, neither one of us remembered putting them inside the house, we looked at the clock and it read 11:30, we were outside at around 7:00 when the sun was setting, we recall maybe 30 minutes of time out there, we lost a good bit of time somewhere between the craft appearing over us and when I remember being directly under us. I wouldnt have even noticed the craft if I wasnt already looking upward when I remember last, so silent and imperceptible was it.

I consider myself to be very, very lucky, my wife does as well. Im curious as to the cause, and reason why they would bother with either of us, why make a detour directly over us, why did it notice I saw it and come toward us? How could something so massive , and absolutely silent, but with a capability to accelerate and decelerate on a dime exist? Ive told very few people this story, but Ive ready many similar examples from people on-line.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

It couldn't have been a natural object, it was without a doubt something engineered, something MADE. Now was it man made? I think it is currently impossible that it could have been made by us, now, with our current technological capabilities and understanding of material sciences and physics. It COULD be man made in the sense that it potentially could have came from the future or something (very distant I would imagine), and have been on a rough anthropological journey or something like that potentially, so either from the future, or of extra terrestrial origin.

Witness Background

I have two degrees in studio art, a BFA in painting and a BFA in sculpture, my wife has a degree in International Relations with a concentration in environmental studies.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I am a materialist, an atheist, I believe in no supernatural occurrences other than the perception thereof. I had always been familiar with UFOs in popular culture but knew no one who had seen one or was even that interested in them.

Other Comments

Amazing experience, so glad to have had it. I wish I knew the causes, reasons, and circumstances that lead the operators of that craft to decide to swing by where me and my wife were.

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Louisville, KY, USA



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