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UFO Sighting Report


March, 3,


Orillia, Sudbury & in between, Ontario, Canada


I had been visiting Southern Ontario, got lost around Orillia & my GPS took me on a 12 hour drive, lost. It should have taken around 4 hours to make the drive, but, it took me 12 hours on woods roads, around lakes, cabins, etc. I sighted UFO's twice during this time. I filled out a form on another site, but, it doesn't seem to have sent at all.

Date Reported:

3/28/2013 10:08:26 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



5-10 minutes from start to finish each time.

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

See above, red on the bottom, clear on the top. Each colour was about even. It was circular.

Size of Object(s)

12-15 feet in diameter I would guess.

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

At closest point about 30 feet above me.

Description of Area / Surroundings

Wooded, isolated, fields, lots of snow.

Full Description & Details

I saw this twice in one night, 4-5 hours apart. My GPS seemed to be out

of whack & I was lost on roads down through the country...little to no

traffic most of the time. I was driving along & saw lights ahead & was

relieved there was some civilization & possibly someone to help me out.

I dim my highbeam lights. As I approach I am thinking there's a little

hill or incline ahead. I keep driving along & notice the lights were

slightly to my left & a lot of red lights...possibly a service vehicle

of some kind, plough maybe. As I approach closer, I woulder why it seems

to actually be off the road...oh well, taking a break? Maybe they are

wondering who I am, approaching them on a quiet country evening. Getting

closer I start realizing this object was actually in the air, to my

left, I got closer & was shocked & saying out loud "oh shit, not another

UFO!". I kept driving, heart racing, not really scared I don't think,

just shocked. It passes in front of me, hovering slowly, passes to my

right side & then remained still, hovering, as I kept driving. I wanted

to stop, but, wanted to keep going, have to watch the road, I am lost.

The object was very clear, very close, maybe only 30-40 feet above me.

It was quite big, circular & had lots of lights, the bottom was red, the

top was all clear. There appeared to be red lights on the bottom part &

clear or white lights in the top part. I would actually go far enough to

say, I think I saw beings, lots of them, kinda peering through the top

clear part. I have zero description of that though. Just shapes that

could have been & I had to watch the road cause the last thing I needed

was to run off the road in the middle of nowhere. I continued on my way

without looking back, but, just wondered why they had approached me

again after 30 some years had passed by since my first sighting in

another province. I am taking a guess that it was likely 4-5 hours later

(I was lost approximately 12 hours or so), that I spotted lights again.

UFO's were not in my mind AT ALL. I was driving, almost out of gas

again, when I see red lights far ahead, in the air. I am feeling

relieved because FINALLY, maybe civilization! I was thinking it to be a

tower when I spotted the red lights so I was relieved, again. The lights

were of course in the air again, but, that didn't concern me, it was a

tower, they have red lights! As I get closer to the lights, now more

visible, I become kind of angry & say "cute, real cute"! I'm feeling

sarcastic that I have been fooled a second time by this object &

whomever/whatever kind of beings are in it. It starts to lower/tilt

closer to me & I felt kind of threatened. It passes in front of me,

slowly hovering over me, just in front of me, passes again to my right,

very visibly lowering the vehicle towards the ground. I'm thinking it

had been about maybe 50 feet or so in the air the second time. As it

starts to lower I feel startled, angry & frightened somewhat, all at

once. I started yelling, quite firmly, "this is NOT the time to approach

me (thinking, I'm lost, & need to get out of here), you get the hell

away from me! I am bigger than you & I WILL hurt you!" I didn't look

back again to see if it actually was landed on the ground, I just

started praying for God to help me out of the woods again, as I had done

several times in the past few hours.

UFO moved to:

From my left to my right, don't know the directions, didn't know where I

was really.

UFO elevation first seen:

Approached from my left, passed in front of me, then passed to my right,

hovering all the while.

UFO Elevation Last Seen:

It was dark both times, & passed from my left to my right both times,

hovering all the while & then seemed to be lowering the craft to the

ground on my right, the second time.

Estimate: UFO Distance:

When closest to me:

30 feet.

Also In The Area of Observation: or so I believe.

Nothing, just woods, fields & lakes.

Object description:



Red & clear.



Red on the bottom (red part) & clear or white lights on the top part.

Did you hear any sound?

If so, please describe.

No, it was soundless each time, 30+ years ago & at this time as well.

Did you experience and smells?

If so, please describe.


Can you estimate the speed of the craft?

Slow, judging by my speed, it was slower thanme when approaching &

possibly observing me, hovering, from the left, in front of me, then to

my right, almost stopped or close to stopped, when passing in front of

me hovering, maybe 5-15 KLM hour.

During the sighting (or just before or after), did you notice any

problems or alterations in your perception or physical passing of time?

If so, please describe this below. (Leave blank if inapplicable.)

Well, this is where it feels uncomfortable. I think from Orillia to

Sudbury should only take 3-4 hours or so to drive, I was lost (listening

to my GPS) for about 12 hours. I normally start getting tired & sleepy &

have to stop for a hotel. I felt like I was wide awake & alert for this

whole time. Knowing myself & how I get sleepy, I decided I must be on

high alert because I was lost.



Site did not appear to be sending in the times I clicked send...maybe it

didd, myabe it didn't, it did not confirm as I expected it to.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

No, not at all.

Witness Background

I am a certified PSW, previous to that lots of years of sales, general office, & management.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I have always believed there's life on other planets. I haven't read anything much for years, but, recently read a book.

Other Comments

I, like everyone else, don't want to be subjected to redicule, but, felt I should report somewhere this time. 30+ years ago when I saw one, I didn't report because my husband didn't want people to think we were "crazy" haha. I do not want to be exposed to media, just want this on record for research purposes, etc.

Reported Sighting? 


Reported To: 

I tried to report it at the following link but form won't send.http://www.ufocanada.net/reportingform.html

Your Location: 

Ontario, Canada