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UFO Sighting Report




vassalboro, Maine, United States


colors/ worms/ side lawn.\ dog..

Date Reported:

4/30/2013 10:48:29 PM

Sighting Time: 




No. of Witnesses: 

self and dog



Appearance / Description of Object(s)

ufo was golden colored as a egg yolk...it was about 50 ft circlular in shape the child within was a tannish golden light and beautiful..peaceful...was a face with large eyes and thin long smiling lip

Size of Object(s)

about 50 ft circle..was smaller at first..got larger... the child within the size of a human head.....

Description of Area / Surroundings

8pm for ufo...after 9pm for mom... ufo..small baseball field attached to our lawn in vassalboro maine child within , nursing home augusta maine.

Full Description & Details

i have two...i want to tell you about the early 60;s first. i was nightwalking, picking worms for fishing,,i had gone to a fair and won a flashlight with a color changing wheel . i was picking up the worms to go fishing with my grandpa, the field is right by our front lawn and an area that we played baseball on...suddenly the dog went berzerk and jumped up on his roof and then yelped and went into the dog house and wouldnt come out..i figuered he saw something i didnt know what at that moment, then as i was picking up a worm a light was overhead me..i looked up and it looked like a giant egg had been cracked and it was golden in the middle and paler gold around it, almost yellow...so i autiomatically put my flashlight up on it and it went out, put my light to the ground , it came back..it was on yellow, then i switched to blue and flashed it twice and it flashed back twice, i changed to red and it dissappeared and returned above me with each click..then i changed to red and it had a pulse to it...i could now hear something...then i felt like i had an overcaine at the dentist and it was over my entire body,,,next thing i knew i was in a circular room of gold color and laying on a table made of gold and copper like color...then they removed my clothes and started with my eyes, ears nose throat and then one pushed on my stomach and hand went inside of me, i felt like something was squeezed and then he put something over the spot and it was healed , then the next thing i remember was waking up in the field with my flashlight and my can of worms, but all the worms were gone..and the dog was outside of his doghouse again...

the other happened a few years later, i saw two metallic forms at the foot of my bed , the shape of a body but no features just tiny metel like stuff moving around in the body shape,

Now it is jan 7th 2013 my mom was on her death bed, i was alone with her, i was ready to leave for the night but something made me stay way pass the closing time at the nursing home, i felt her hands go cold and colder. So i shut the outside curtains, then the lights in the room and the door open just enough so i could still see her..., that seemed to comfort her a little more, no light ...then it happened...around the side and top of the left side of her head was a golden tan light about 1 inch coming out of her ,,,then she stopped breathing and it went back into her head and she grasped her breath and was heavly breathing now, i told her to go to her mom she hadnt seen for over 60 yr, i loved her and did want her to keep suffering as she had the past few years with her dementia and trmendous body pains. She was on morphine for a few days then, suddenly just above her entire face , i never let go of her hand, was a glow of tannish gold color and soon i could no longer see her old and withered loving face, i could see this color just above her entire head area,,,then i saw two large loving golden eyes looking at me and a long very thin smile line for a mouth..no words said, none needed.i was in total awe of it all,,i said , go mom find dad and go see your folks dont worry i will make sure your body is taken care of...the eyes winked and zoom off to the left of her face and right out the wall...she was gone...her breathing stopped for the last time and a smile on her face....it was awesome...i sat there a minute and then got the nurse in to pronounce her expired time and date..we put pj on her and washed her for them to come get her...she was to be cremated,,,and i was ok with it , i knew she was no longer inside the suffering body....a couple weeks ago i read an internet thing about the doubting Thomas scrolls and it had a passage that explained it for me,,,it said we have a child within , i little one that lives within us and we need to stay in charge of it or it would leave us and we would expire....i think that is what i saw leave my mom...i beleive it lives in the right side of our brain...according to the scroll we get it in us at birth and it stays quiet for the first 7 yr and then becomes a open part of our life...then i read another religious item that said God has 144,000 souls that will definately be reborn at end times with eternal life and it hit me...in 1993 i had a brain anerism and two days later a subdura hemotoma...i died when i had the anerism...i went into the dark black to lighter shades, to deep blue to lighter shades, to white to lighter shades always going forward and upward in a tunnel like area,,i heard voices and whispers to go forward until i got to the white and then all of a sudden it was like a welding torch light, so bright it would hurt your eyes and a hand reached our and guided me through it , i saw to my right a man dressed in shepards clothing surrounded by little babies in standing positions. some had elderly faces, some middle age, some teen , some newborn...i asked the beautiful blonde hair angel , i could see her face and neck and her hands but her gown was transparent with no body, no legs , no feet, she just glided around as she escorted me, she said he is telling them what to expect and what he expects from them when they are born or reborn..then i saw my grandparents and others beyond her i had so many questions and a man with a book came to her , and she guided me back to the torch like brightness and told me i hadnt finished my assignment yet and had to go back ,,i went in reverse down the colors back into my pain racked body,,,i had been sitting on the edge of bed on a friday night after dancing most the night and it felf like someone slammed an axe in my head and wouldnt get it out,,,i lost my urine, vomit, and bowels same time, as people who die do,,i just made the few feet back to my bed before i fell into the darkness i just told you about...i was woken by my neighbor and it was sunday afternoon,,i never saw saturday...i went to work monday morning after pushing a car out of the snow it was feb 2 when i had anerism operated on and then feb 4 the brain bleed op onl Dr Ross Davis augusta Gen hosp operated on me.both times...So it was Jan 30 that i had the pain and never saw Jan 31 and woke up on Feb 1st , went to work feb2, but when i went into the office i walked right into the trash can,,,so i went down the hill to my doctors Karen Gershman (now retired 2012 FMI )she had them come with an ambulance to get me accross the road to the hosp due to insurance ...and within the hour i was op on by Dr Davis. i woke next day , then the next day he sat me up and the second pain, which hurt but was nothing compared to the first time, he didnt think i was right but he did a cat scan and within an hour i was op on for the second time...i have had multiple illness since then and am disabled retired me state employee accoutant since 2001,,i had gone back to work in April 93 but by 99 i knew i had to get done,,too many illnesses now..year radiation on throat and they removed my thryoid with 16 nodules on it, then female hysterectomy and they said my fallopen tubes, i had had a tupligation years earleier, they said it looked like someone had squeezed them and they had turned to stone...i did have two daughter 1965 /67, Then nothing..i feel like i am living for a reason and when it gets accomplished i will expire and the cild within will be free and go back to God...its like we have this injected into us at birth

conceoption and then grows within us for 7 yr and becomes active in our life...when we die it is fully evolved and goes back to God ....i think that i saw the Golden light of my mother as she is probably one of the 144, ooo that keeps being reborn and will have eternal life in that manner....i am 65 and not overly educated,,but i can tell you what happened to me and how i feel about it and the rest is up to you....i would say to you , when someone you know, a good soul is dying, darken the room and hold the hand , never look away and see if you too would experience what i have...i have held my grandpa my uncle and others hands during death and never saw anything, there was always daylight or artificial light when they all passed , but with my mom...very very faint light , and then the tannsih golden glow...it was so very peaceful and beautiful for her to share this with me...when i watched the tv show today day i heard your name and university and looked you up immediately I think i had to tell you this why i dont know...i dont expect a reply...just want you to have this info...yours in faith Lily Hanning...Poland Maine

and it gives us the breath of life

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

No to both..i have always been open minded to things as my father was before me, we would sit on the lawn in lawn chairs watching the skies together...my mom was open to ghost /apparitions of her family at times...especially after the dementia set in for her.

Witness Background

farmers daughter worked the land until 16 married worked factories..after a few divorces i became a maine state accountant 1975 to 2001. disabled since then...live at my daughters home , take care of it and her dog..she has to travel all over the usa with her job as implementation specialist..

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

i read about them since i can remember...but i didnt actually beleive until it happened to me.. i didnt know about the child within my mom until i saw it...it startled and amazed me...i am glad she allowed me to see this...it was comforting for me.

Other Comments

since the ufo experience others have shared their experience with me as well...

i dont know of anyone who ever saw the tannish golden light...some say orbs or souls like a ghost,,,what i saw was not a ghost...i think it was life force an entity that lives within until we die and then a peice of it is given to another birth and so on..maybe God is making his army of 144,ooo and will continue until he gets his number of real God like entities. Then the end times will come...takes forever for us but a wink of an eye for him..Good luck with your research...you can contact me if needed, i dont need a reply i just needed to send this info to you...

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Lily Hanning

Your Location: 

Poland Maine