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UFO Sighting Report




New york , New York, United States


I saw an object fly from the bottom of the screen at incredible speed on the CBS2 new york news.

Date Reported:

5/12/2013 5:27:03 PM



Full Description & Details

Hello I was watching your New york CBSnewyork program when I saw something interesting on the screen when News anchor Elise Finch was speaking on the days weather. The time I saw the object was 6:47 when Ms.Finch says "We started the day with clouds" at that moment an object at incredible speed flies from the top of the screen for about 3 seconds and disappears. I'm not a crazed UFO fanatic but when I looked over the video on my Tivo i was perplexed on what it could have been. Any answer would be greatly appreciated thank.

Thats the Email i sent CBS but the same word for when the object appears are same online.