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UFO Sighting Report




Nampa, Idaho, United States


Worked at ABC in Nampa and going to Boise after work with my Ex-husband (who just got out of the Navy on Nuclear Subs)

Date Reported:

6/13/2013 9:51:02 AM

Sighting Time: 

Right after dark.



No. of Witnesses: 




Appearance / Description of Object(s)

The were the typical saucer shape but laying flat like a dish??

Size of Object(s)

Do not know the sizes but they were HUGE! And that first one way too close to us for my comfort!!

Description of Area / Surroundings

Fwy in between a trip from Nampa, Id. headed towards our friends house that lived in Boise….somewhere in-between.

Full Description & Details

My ex was driving and I was looking at a Red,White,and Blue (maybe green) star. I told Mike about the strange Patriotic star?? He looked over to my passenger window to see it. I watched a while longer until I noticed there were 2 more Red,White,and Blue (maybe green) stars next to it in a straight line. So I told him and again he tried to see them. I have NO IDEA why but for some reason I decided to look UP through the windshield above our car? I could NOT believe it! There were 2 more rows of 3 each Red,White and Blue (maybe green) stars too! 3 rows of 3 stars. (so I thought) Mike had just gotten out of the Navy in April 1975 and was on Nuclear Subs. He said that something happened while he was there that was VERY STRANGE but he was NEVER supposed to talk about it. But he told me then because he was OUT! He recalled one night that the Navy had unusual blips on radar over somewhere in the USA. They were NOT airplanes though. The Navy scrambles some Navy Fighters to go to those unusual blips and track them and see what was going on. BUT as soon as the Navy Fighters got to the blips the actual BLIPS blinks out! Then IMMEDIATELY after the Navy Fighters BLINKED out TOO! After that happened the Navy has never EVER known what happened to the Fighters and will NEVER tell missing men's Families or ANYONE what REALLY happened that night and they just make a cover story to tell the Families…lost at sea?? I went back to concentrating on the FIRST red,white,and blue (maybe green) "STAR" and after a while that "STAR" JUST SUDDENLY DROPPED STRAIGHT TOWARDS THE GROUND! My brain immediately said "THAT IS NO STAR" and "IT'S GOING TO CRASH!" BUT IT DIDN'T!!!!! It just HOVERED a little above the ground for a while?? How long I don't know?? But all of a sudden that ONE STAR FLEW OUT OF THIS UNIVERSE FASTER THAN A SPLIT SECOND - FASTER THAN THE BLINK OF AN EYE AT A 45 DEGREE ANGLE TO ?????? What is even more stranger is that when we finally arrived at our friends house they were waiting outside of their front door saying "WHERE HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN??" I remember getting out of the car and for some reason I was SO SCARED!! I JUST RAN TOWARDS THEM AS FAST AS I COULD AND ALL OF A SUDDEN A BLACK MILITARY HELICOPTER FLEW RIGHT OVER US WITH THEIR LIGHT ON????? I told the News Director Bob who worked with me at KIVI channel 6 (ABC) in Nampa what I saw the night before and of course he made all kinds of jokes and innuendo about my story. BUT the NEXT day he called me on the phone in my office and asked me to come over to his office. SO I was sure that he had more COMMENTS about my VERY UNUSUAL story 2 night ago. BUT he DIDN'T! He told me to shut the door and I did. He folded up a Newspaper he had and asked me to read this article out loud. So I did. It said "Over 7 or 8 WESTERN UNITED STATES PEOPLE ARE CLAIMING TO SEE GROUPS OF 6 OR 9 (AND HERE IS WHAT TURNED BOB WHITE AS SNOW) RED, WHITE, AND BLUE (MAYBE GREEN) OBJECTS IN THE SKIES!! My hand to GOD! The same exact description that I said the day before!!!!! "RED-WHITE-AND BLUE- (MAYBE GREEN)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My words verbatim!!! After that we both knew that THEY ARE VISITING EARTH AND I AND MY EX KNOW THAT THE GOVERNMENT KNOWS ALL ABOUT THEM AND ARE COVERING IT UP - KNOWN FOREVER BUT WILL NEVER EVER TELL THE PUBLIC.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

Hell NO!

Witness Background

Now 59 years old but the First sighting I had I was 21 and working for ABC tv in Idaho. I can NEVER forget ANY sightings I have ever seen!!!!! Once you do know THEY ARE REAL you open your eyes a little more often. LOL!!!

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

NEVER EVER believed they were REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other Comments

I have since seen other sighting that were unmistakeable as to what THEY WERE!

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