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UFO Sighting Report


We have been experiencing paranormal activity on and around our farm for over 30 years now.


Onanole, Manitoba, Canada


The very first occurence happened over 35 years ago (when I was only 7 years old) when me and my siblings were actually approached by 2 unidentified little beings trying to summon us to follow them. Not far from where this happened was an unexplained circular flattening in the field. Since this day there have been countless sightings and "weird" happenings on my parents farm. Some of he weird collections of pictures are: a hover craft in sky; markings in the snow, strange activity happening with my father and the strangest of all is a picture of an alien takeing a picture of himself with my parents camera, I also recently have photgraphs of 7 lighted circular objects fly over my home on May 27, 2013.

Date Reported:

6/13/2013 3:48:59 PM



Appearance / Description of Object(s)

As stated above, my parents and I have several pictures to support all the different UFO sitings and strange pictures of evidence that someone is watching him.

Size of Object(s)

again, because of so many experiences there is just too many different variances.

Description of Area / Surroundings

My parents live in a rural area of Manitoba on a quarter section of farm land, bordering a National Park. They live in a secluded area, with very few neighbors. His property is now "conservation land" in nature consevacy of Canada, to prevent building, and destruction of its natural beauty.

Full Description & Details

I could probably write a book on the paranormal activity that has been going on and continues to occur at my parents farm We also believe my father has been abducted several times as everytime there is evidence of them being there, my father wakes up with a different markings someplace on his body. (Mostly arms and legs). The first incident happened in the fall of 1967. I have two sisters and one brother, and the four of us (all between the ages of 4 and 8) were always allowed to go so far down the road to a pullout where we would always go to and turn around and go home again. This one particular evening, it was very foggy outside and my older sister suggested we look and see if we can see pictures in the fog. (Timing is not even a part of this cause I have no memory of how long their approach was to the time we all went running home). All of a sudden we see this dark figure coming towards us from within the fog. I remember none of us really talked about what we were seeing, but rather could see that it was a person smaller than us. As this "person" was approaching, we could see him motioning us to follow him. The closer he came the color was a apparent that he was orange. Suddenly he ran from the ditch up onto the road and there were suddenly two of them dancing in circles on the road. They returned back to the ditch and then they kept getting closer, and closer..... and closer... (all the time motioning us to come closer to them ) to where they came soo close we took off running. We then knew this was not some form of picture in the fog.

We ran home screaming and yelling and when we ran into the house trying to tell our parents what we saw, when a tremedous "WHOOSH" flew over the house. My parents thought we were just seeing things and making up a story. Not so. They gave each of us a piece of paper and crayons to different areas of the house and we all came back with the same figure.(the image of a little person) The next day My father decided to check out the noise that flew over the house by way of direction. So we went towards field and that is where we saw the six to eight foot circular flattening of the oat crop. I still remember this day like it was yesterday. I was the only child of the 4 of us who talked about what we saw, so the teasing and ridicule that was received from this event, stuck lablelled to me for many many years. Since that evening, we had several sitings of crafts hovering over our house and strange markings on ground; things disappearing, and weird markings on my father and myself.

It would take me several pages to describe all the events that have occured on my parents farm since that day. My dad has survived his now, 8th form of cancer, and everytime we think cancer has worsened, it disappears. The doctors cannot explain this and neither can we. He is a strong minded individual, but everytime he starts feeling better, there is always a sign that someone was in my dads house or outside, and he starts feeling better again. On several of these occassions he has woke up and a scar r is apparent on his arm or leg, but no explanation of how it got there. Each time this happens, my dad knows when he wakes up that something weird happened to him in the night, yet can't pinpoint it.

One piece of evidence we have not been able to explain or figure out how it came to be, is a picture. My parents had developed their film from their 35mm camera and within its contents was a picture of an alien figure, with a huge headlight on his head and a strange grey background. . When I scanned it into my computer to enlarge - it is apparent that the background is not in my parents home as there appears to be a handle in the background. (an older model not the current ones). When I enlarged the head to see what was behind his BIG Black eyes - all it looked like was giant marbles. We have not ever reported this picture to anyone, as it has puzzled the family since it was developed.

Two winters ago, my dad and his dog, both were very very sick with what was most probably the cancer. Both had a hard time walking and breathing. My parents woke up one morning and all around their front yard was slashing marks in the snow, positioned in some form of a message, is all we can figure out. No tracks in and no tracks out. The slashes are patterned and circular and in an area of the yard where there is absolutly nothng but open space above. My dad started feeling better. HIs next appointment with doctor showed his cancer was slowing down again.. Two days later, another set of these markings were more in the area of where his dog slept at night, only were positioned above the area where the dog slept. "Kayla (his dog) slowly starting feeling better and was able to walk again. She passed away the spring of this year,, but bounced back for over a year after this strange phenonminum.

In January 1st, of 2010 my dad was having coffee in the morning and he had gold dust on his hands. ????? that's all we can say. Plus as already mentioned, strange markings on his body, which have all, of curse, disappeared.

On May 27th, 2013 (this year), around 11:15 PM I had the siting of my life, when 8 objects flew over my house (below the clouds, hugh lights and no sound). travelling from the southeast going northwest. I live in a very sheltered area of town (surrounded by trees and my neighbors house and the flew directly over top of us). My neighbor was also witness to this. I ran into house, grabbed my ipad, and captured video and pictures of the lights that my neighbor and I had observed. When I enlarge them, they look like curling rocks. If I freeze frame the video's at different postions that they were flying, you can clearly see they are circular disks. The picture are definitly no of some flying spacecraft made by our planet.

Now I am not saying there is a connection between my dad's health and these sitings, but before May 27th, my dad's prostate cancer has come back. He was down to using a cane and walker in the house. I phone him on the night of May 27th to tell him they flew over my house and were going in the direction of his house to fix him up again. (as a joke). Since that evening his health is slowly improving again. As of today he is now able to walk around without a cane.for a short time. ???? and his pain is less severe. (By the way my dad is 83 and he has survived -- lung cancer, a rare blood cancer, esauphogus cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer and now the prostrate again. All of this is unexplainable as he has never had chemo. I am not trying to say there is a connection, but all of the happenings also revolve around his health. Strange but true.

I too believe I was abducted in the summer of 1978, but that is another weird story and a surgical scar near my heart. None of us has ever been hypnotised, nor have we requested it.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

My most recent siting of the flying objects over my home (Neepawa, Manitoba) one hour north of my parents farm are not any man-made objects. They flew overtop and I am able to enlarge them in various imagery positions and they are definitly not planes. The first object is that of a bright white light coming twards me, and the after shot looks like a hugh orange fireball. Obviously some form of projection gas. This was the evidence I needed to prove to me, that what I saw back in 1967 was real.

Witness Background

The area of interest is on my parents farm. My dad (Frank) is 83 and my mother (Leona) is 75. They are both retired and still remain on the farm. I am 54 years old and on permanent disablility. and live 1 hour southeast of the farm.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I have always believed that there is more than us in this universe, ever since my experience back in 1967. We do not avidley look for the evidence; it comes to us. All of these strange happenings have been unexplainable, until those eight "UFO",s flew over my house on May 27th. This finally convinced me after 40 plus years of unexplained happenings, that they do exist. I believe they have a selected group of humans that they are gatheriing DNA, studying, finding out what causes cancer, etc. etc. They are here and I believe. All paranormal activity has been recorded in a book written by my dad and mom with times, dates, and happening, in Journal form. .

Other Comments

I would be able to write a lot more, but considering this is only for your review, I felt that finally we need to speak out about what has been happening. I was watching William Shatners "weird or what" when your name was mentioned. I feel we have the "proof" they do exist and if you care to investigate then you are more than welcome to contact us.I do not care to add pictures of any sitings, cause of fear of them being digitally photographed and altered or get in the wrong hands and publisized falsley. The pictures need to be seen in person (not a computer).. They do exist and I believe they have some form of connection with my dad, but yet not sure what. If you need someone to hypotize for proof, I think My dad would be a very very interesting case. ` \\If not, I thought I would let you know, that we have more than what has ever been exposed before. In otherwords - more than just dreams.

Reported Sighting? 



Sandra Gunn

Your Location: 

Neepawa, MB, Canada