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UFO Sighting Report




St. Thomas, Pennsylvania, United States


Enormous UFO above clouds with bright, grayish white lights rotating in a peculiar fashion.

Date Reported:

6/17/2013 10:55:58 PM

Sighting Time: 

10:00 PM



No. of Witnesses: 

at least 5, probably many more


1 hr

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

Large, white orbs/spheres that were rotating in a "spiral" pattern above the cloud layer.

Size of Object(s)

Unknown, but very large

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude


Description of Area / Surroundings

Rural Pennsylvania. In the "Middle of nowhere." Secluded, wooded campground.

Full Description & Details

I was living in Fayetteville, Pennsylvania in 1999. I was 9 years old, and had always had an active interest in UFOs since I was very young, which both my parents knew about.

One night, my mother told me to get in the car, that my grandfather had just called and said there was a UFO in the sky over the camping ground/RV park he was staying in (I'm pretty sure the name of this place was Twin Rivers, but I may be incorrect. Regardless, I will refer to it as Twin Rivers).

My mother, my sister and I left immediately. Twin Rivers is a camping ground and RV park deep in the country. It's at least 20 miles from any town. The long road leading to it is free of any human activity with the exception of a few small farms and homes. Looking back, it seems almost like a "classical" place in which one might see a UFO. It's quite a serene, beautiful place with little streams and many woods around.

As we began to approach the entrance of Twin Rivers, I noticed in the sky, above the clouds, at least 6 enormous white lights rotating in a very peculiar fashion. The white light was dimmed and made somewhat grayish due to the fact the lights were above the cloud layer. When I first took notice, I was overtaken at the fact that I was indeed witnessing a UFO, and my eyes began to water out of pure awe. I told my mother and sister, and we all watched it as we pulled up to my grandfather's RV.

My grandfather had been watching the UFO for some time. If I recall, he said he noticed it about 30 minutes prior to us arriving. We sat outside, staring up at the sky for at least 30 more minutes, marveling at what we were witnessing and trying to think of conventional ways to explain it. Could it be some sort of rotating light display that is shining search lights up to the sky? What came to my mind was the kind of light display sometimes seen in front of car dealerships. This didn't make sense because we were out, essentially, in the middle of nowhere, and the lights were coming from an area even further out. The only city around, which is a very very small town, was behind us, the opposite direction of where the UFO was in the sky.

The only logical explanation I could come up with is that it was some sort of rotating light display which was shining search lights into the sky, and the light was reflecting off the clouds. Looking back, this didn't make sense, because there was no visible source of light going upward into the sky which is what would be seen were it actually searchlights. Coupled with the fact that there was literally NOTHING out that way made it even less likely.

The orbs were huge, taking up a massive part of the visible sky. They were "rotating" around each other, and then would suddenly all join together in the center. It was a very strange, eerie pattern. The orbs seemed to emerge from a center source and "fan" outward in a spiral-like pattern, then after going around in this spiral pattern for a few moments, "spiral" back into the center, and repeat. The object did not move.

If we were witnessing a true "UFO," we must have been witnessing the under-side of a craft and it's strange propulsion/levitation system. These lights were bright enough to shine through a thick overcast cloud layer.

We all sat and watched the UFO for some time, and my mother even took some pictures (which she claimed didn't turn out, but in a recent discussion with her, she said that she might have never developed them). I forget how it ended, but I think we went inside my grandfather's RV and talked for a while (he is a christian evangelist, so of course his take on this was purely theological) and then eventually went home because it was late, and I had school the next day. I believe it was 9:30 when we got there, and 10:30 when we left. I do not remember for sure if the lights were still in the sky when we left, but I think they were.

This was my only UFO experience until 2007, when my father and I saw a craft that looked like a bunch of spheres mashed together hover silently over us late at night.

I feel very lucky that I was able to see what is truly a "UFO." Me and my mother have discussed this at length, trying to describe it away conventionally, but both of us come up blank. It was simply a mind blowing experience. Of course we want to know what it was, but obviously we never will. Now, anytime I'm outside, especially at night in rural Pennsylvania, I'm always looking upward.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

The only explanation I've ever been able to come up with was that it was a stationary ground light display using search lights pointed upward toward the sky, but this theory fails on several levels.

Witness Background

Computer specialist, entrepeneur

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

Believer, greatly interested in UFOs since early childhood

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Your Location: 

Titusville, FL, USA