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UFO Sighting Report


July, 4, 2013


Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, United States


Balls of white and red lights, that appear and disappear. Change formation, and numbers of them change.

Date Reported:

7/4/2013 10:27:44 PM

Sighting Time: 




No. of Witnesses: 




Appearance / Description of Object(s)

Round balls that change from white to red or red to white

Size of Object(s)

They seem rather large alittle smaller then a beach ball and bigger then a soft ball

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

They have been very close to extremely far away at times

Description of Area / Surroundings

Urban, smaller town in between milwaukee and Madison around homes

Full Description & Details

These white and red lights appear at far distances and disappear, and reappear closer. They change color from white to red, and red to white. They are seen one at a time to many appearing at once. I've seen them now three times with other people with me. I watch one ball very low slowly move over a lake and then speed up and disappear at a higher altitude. They make formations at times, to just hover, to slowly move across the sky before disappearing. The first time it was raining and just briefly saw the light. He second time we chased them for 15-20minutes having them appear and disappear and showing up further or closer. The last time we watched them on and off for 15 minutes all appearing and disappearing near by us, and then seeing one about 1mile away over an hour later.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

I can honestly say yes, I've seen planes flying and have also piloted planes, they move different then anything I have ever seen

Witness Background

I'm a mother of two wonderful children. I moved back by my mom and grandmother about three years ago to be close to family again. I am a consultant for flawed salons. I also am an educator for cosmetology schools. The company I teach for has 89 schools nation wide.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I don't really know, I can honestly tell you I have had atleast three other sightings of things I can explain, but do know our military has very high intelligence that we know very little about, a UFO to me just means we haven't seen it yet, regardless of who or what made it. I know very little or read or anything about UFO's.

Other Comments

I honestly would contact you, but I keep chasing these things down now, I just want to know what they are and why they keep appearing.

Reported Sighting? 


Your Location: 

Oconomowoc wi 53066 U.S.