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UFO Sighting Report


July, 26, 2013


Red Bluff , California, United States


I was walking north on Howard Ct. in Red Bluff Ca. when I saw a VERY BRIGHT "white" lite. However, when I moved about 5 yards to the left the BRIGHT lite turned into a regular looking star. This got my attention, so (see below)

Date Reported:

7/27/2013 1:45:24 AM



No. of Witnesses: 

2 or 3

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

1)..It was BRIGHT, VERY BRIGHT (from one angle. 2)..It was "DIM" from another angle (at the same distance)

Full Description & Details

I moved closer & closer to it . *maybe 20 yards" untill I was halted by a neighbors fence. (This was as close as I could get) As I moved a few feet left & right, The BRIGHT (white) lite

went to a REGULAR star (Maybe two close stars). And then the WIERED stuff started happening. From One special viewing point (by the fence) I saw something similar to "BUGS" come-ing out of the star, move around as a "BUG" would circle a lite & go back into the star.

1)..I say "STAR" because from where I was standing (by the fence it high-ly appeared to be a distant (regular looking srar) with something(?) come-ing out of it (at a quick speed) & returning. (About two or three per second.)

2)..I watched this for about 10 or 15 minutes from several positions next to the fence.

3).. IF I moved maybe 10 to 15 feet in either direction, the tiny dim star became as BRIGHT

(or BRIGHTER) then the street lites that were on (close by).

4)..The way I distingwished it from other BRIGHT streets was IT was "TWICE" as high in the sky as the other 6 or 7 bright (street) lites in that direction.

5)..Just to verify my observations, I knocked on my neighors door & asked them (3 teenage boys & a kind'a RUDE father) if they wanted to see a U,F.O,

6)..The boys came out to the position I suggested & questioned "WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS"

7) The Father laged behind near the house & saw nothing.

8)..As soon as the boy questioned "WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS"

A)..The(what appered to me. to be 1/2 in the bag) Father said.."THOSE ARE BUGS"

B)..And from where he was standing, I dought if he could even see the fence.

9)..The Father told the boys to get back in the house (& THEN)

10).The Father "ORDERED" me to get off of his property.

11).Which I DID (& QUICKLY)...I wanted NO CONTACT with this type of attatude in Red Bluff Ca.

12)..I took my dog home & went back to the area again to see more of the same for another

1/2 an hour.

13).Once again. the front of my house maybe 125 yards from the fence, I could see nothing.

NOT even the (funny) star.

14).As I walked a direct line toward the fence, I could see the star at about 40 yards (from the fence)...

A)..From this distance I could see NOTHING unusual about this "TINY" star.

15). HOWEVER, at 20 yeards from the fence (& still in the street) the thing contineud to move around like a "PIN-BALL" machine.

THAT SAID, fell free to call me (530-690-2225) & I'll spell it out again for ya.

BUT, I AIN'T goin NEAR that JACKed-UP Father without protection.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

Maybe, U tell me

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I believe NOW

Other Comments

I AIN'T SCARED & I'm goin outside RIGHT NOW (with a note book) to answer some of the above questions

Your Location: 

Red Bluff. Ca. USA