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UFO Sighting Report




Nelson, South Island, New Zealand


Shiny cigar/saucer shaped object moving at high speed did an impossible manouevre by any known human vehicle. Whilst non-committal about UFOs at that time, upon seeing it I had no doubt whatsoever that this was a real object fitting classic UFO descriptions.

Date Reported:

8/17/2013 10:55:34 PM

Sighting Time: 

1 - 3 PM



No. of Witnesses: 

none that I know of


45-60 seconds

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

It was a shiny metallic colour, moving at high speed, similar to a jet plane, maybe a little faster. It was cigar shaped, with the two opposite ends being a little bit 'pointy'. It seemed to shine more brightly than a jet illuminated by sunshine.

Size of Object(s)

Impossible to state size, but if I had stretched out my arm in front of me, and held up my thumb, it would have obscured the object.

Description of Area / Surroundings

Semi urban, on the outer edges of Nelson city, coming into farmland. The area was flat, I cannot remember any more about it. I am from Australia, and was on a working holiday in NZ, and that is all I remember.

Full Description & Details

I was working at New Zealand's Apple and Pear Juice factory in Nelson in 1979 (or 78?). The factory was alongside a bay, and on far side of bay was a mountain range. Not sure how high the range is, but it was not too high. It was snowing around the range, and clouds obscured the mountains. I saw a bright, shiny metallic object that at first I thought was a jet plane. It did have a cigar shape, with pointy ends. It was moving at a good speed, similar to a jet plane, towards those mountains. At that speed, and with the direction of trajectory, I became alarmed as I thought this object was definitely going to crash into the hills. At that very instant of having this thought, "oh no it's going to crash", the object, whatever it was did an instant manouevre, and turned or bounced 180 degrees into the reverse direction. I knew that no jet plane could do this, it would have taken a sweeping about turn to do the same. It really was like the craft bounced off an invisible wall, with no time delay whatsoever. It reminded me later, of the early computer game Pong, the way it bounced. The other curious aspect to this encounter, there seemed to be a psychic, or telepathic element. I know this is probably a more controversial observation, but it was undeniably there. I had the very strong feeling, that when I thought it was going to crash, the craft did the "bounce" for my benefit, like it was showing me, and that it knew I was observing this. I knew then that this was exactly what the UFO phenomenon is about, and I knew then that UFOs, whatever they may be, are real and definitely not of any human technology. I became very elated, and that feeling remained the rest of the day. Then I did not pay the UFO business in general any more attention, I just filed away this incident, and accepted that UFOs are real.

Now, it is important to give some background to this period of my life. I was in a period of meditation, and I was not on drugs, nor did I drink much alcohol at the time. I might have had one or two beers maybe once or twice a month. It was a period of spiritual search for me, and I was not paying any attention to the media, nor reading up on UFOs, simply concentrating on work, and meditation practise.

Back in Australia, around 1989 I became interested in the UFO phenomenon via my local library. By serendipity, I took out various books to explore what information there was about UFOs. I found most of the UFO literature of little consequence, and short of verifiable evidence. So no real conclusions were found. I then picked up one book, and I was astonished! The book is called 'Let's Hope They're Friendly' by Quentin Fogarty. This book is particularly important in regard to my incident, it provides evidence to back up my observation, and many others. I refer anyone to the book for full details. Probably the best book with evidence about UFOs I have come across, and I have read dozens. Briefly, the book focusses on the film footage that was taken from a plane carrying journalists, flying over the South Island of New Zealand. The UFO trailed along the jet, and was witnessed by the passengers and pilots. Not only that, there was radar confirmation of the craft, this is revealed in the conversations between the pilots and ground control. As there was a media crew on board, they had a film camera, and filmed the craft. The film evidence is somewhat startling, as when each frame is examined one by one, there are a few frames that clearly indicate that there was intensely fast circular motion of some kind of lights. As 16mm film is 24 frames per second, each individual frame is a brief snapshot of 1/24th of a second. And the images of the moving lights within that short time frame reveal the lights are moving around at a very high speed indeed. (If you Google that book title, you will find an example of what I mean as the cover photo).

The book also clearly describes that in that period I had my sighting, there were hundreds if not thousands of UFO sightings in that very area, namely the northern part of New Zealand's South Island. These sightings were confirmed by radar in many instances. I would have known about these if I had been paying attention to the media. As it turned out, unbeknownst to me, the encounter with that plane and the film and radar evidence was somewhat sensational apparently. The book vindicated my own experience.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

Definitely not of human construction or guidance. I have 100% confidence this was no balloon, nor plane or any of the above. It did an impossible 180 degree turn instantaneously, that no object that I know of could do.

Witness Background

I am now 62, retired and doing some painting and writing. I have worked in different careers including Office Admin, Arts Admin, Project Management, Catering, Cooking and Bar work, Aboriginal Admin, demolition, driving jobs. Artistic endeavours - acting, filmaking, painting and sculpture. For tertiary education I have a Degree in Aboriginal Studies (Dean's Merit List), an incomplete Degree in Drama (Filmaking). My first Uni degree was in Science, but I dropped out in the second year of Pure Mathematics.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I knew very little about UFOs before this incident, apart from what was in popular culture at the time. I have a strong science background, and regarded the phenomenon as a bit dodgy and not worth pursuing. Where is the evidence? I had no fixed beliefs about them, and tended to think they were figmentations of imaginations or something similar. My immediate response at the time of the sighting was "aha, so that's what UFOs are", and that they are real. I paid no further attention to UFOs for about a decade, then read just about everything I could find. Apart from the above mentioned book, I found most of the literature not that convincing. Over the years I watched the skies a lot, especially at night. I definitely saw a few things at night, that may have been UFOs, (not satellites, I know what they look like, nor were they meteors). They moved in fast and erratic paths. But they never had the impact of the convincing encounter I had in NZ. I do believe there is something going on, but I do not necessarily think they are extra terrestrial craft, or are guided by aliens. I am sure they are not secret human experimental craft either.

Other Comments

I do not jump to the conclusion that UFOs are alien extra-terrestrial craft. There could be other explanations. I am aware of all the UFO and Alien Abduction and Cattle Mutilation stories, but thus far there is very little good evidence that would satisfy the scientific community. The mutilations are hard to explain rationally. Of course there could be a grand cover up. We need substantial evidence. Other explanations that I can think of are:- they could be human travellers from the future where they have advanced technology. And because of this, they cannot interact with our civilisation for fear of damaging their later one. Or we could live in a multi-dimensional universe, more complex than Einstein's 4 D SpaceTime. If this is so, there may be beings and technologies in higher dimensions that we cannot access yet, and these UFO crafts' strange impossible manoevres could just be those higher dimensional beings intersecting with our dimensional constraints. For example, a two dimensional being on a piece of paper floating in the air would have no inkling of any presence beyond that piece of paper. But if an insect landed on that paper and walked around, the two dimensional being would only possibly get some brief interactions it could not explain according to its 2D world view. Extrapolate this example into 5 dimensions or more and you get the idea.

Reported Sighting? 


Reported To: 

I reported it to close friends in later years

Your Location: 

Bruny Island, Tasmania, Australia



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