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UFO Sighting Report




Atlanta, Kansas, United States


UFO buzzed me, then stopped and hovered beside the road, then followed me as I drove another mile north.

Date Reported:

8/18/2013 7:45:08 PM

Sighting Time: 

10:00 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



10 minutes

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

I douldn't tell much about the shape, other than it appeared longer than it was high. I couldn't tell it it was disc shaped or not, because it was dark. There were two red lights at either end, and a larger, bluish light between them and in the same line.

Size of Object(s)

I would estimate the object to be 60 feet wide and 15-20 feet tall.

Description of Area / Surroundings

This was a rural area. There was a small hill to the east with a row of trees on top of it, two rows of trees on the road ahead of me, one row of trees on the west side of the road just behind me. There were two houses about a quarter mile to the west. It was just a rural, agricultural area, with scattered houses, no special features. There was an Air Force base about 50 miles to the northwest, in Wichita, KS.

Full Description & Details

I was driving home from Senior Play rehearsal at my high school. Five miles east of Atlanta, KS, where I turned north off the paved road, I saw two red lights moving in the distance, about 35-45 degrees up, and 2-3 miles away. One light was moving south and the other north, and they crossed paths and continued on in the directions they were moving. I turned north, and after about three-fourths of a mile, I saw lights moving behind a row of trees about 50 yards to my right. The lights reached the end of the trees and turned west and came right in front of me at the intersection, about 50 feet up. I skidded to a stop. The object had also stopped, about 30 yards to the west of me and about 70-80 feet up. I sat there and looked at it for several minutes. My heart was pounding severely. I could not make out much of any shape of the object in the dark. There were two red lights, one on each end, and a larger, light bluish light between them. I rolled down my car window and shut off my engine. Everything was quiet---there was no noise coming from the object. I blinked my headlights off and on several times, and the object just sat there. I got out of the car and stood beside it for a minute or so, then decided to continue driving. I re-started the car and began driving north, and then realized the object was moving north with me, at the same distance and altitude. I drove a mile to where I needed to turn east to my house, and stopped. The object stopped. I thought about driving to a secluded field or pasture, to see what it would do, but was too scared to do it. I turned back east and drove about a quarter mile, looked back, and the object was still sitting where it was when I turned. I drove another quarter mile to my driveway and stopped to look back, and the object was now gone---I couldn't see it anywhere in the sky. I went on up my driveway to the house and eventually calmed down enough to go to sleep. The next morning, at school, some of my classmates were excited that there had been a UFO sighting near the town of Burden, KS the night before---this would have possibly been the other red light I saw in the distance, that was moving south.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?


Witness Background

I was a senior in high school at the time. I am now a veterinarian, having received my DVM degree from Kansas State University in 1975. I worked as a clinician in El Dorado, KS for three years and in Ft. Scott, KS for one year. I currently own my own business in Douglass, KS.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I believed in UFO's, that they were sent here and possibly piloted by intelligent beings. I was scared of them at the time, thinking they might kill me, eat me, or put me in some type of zoo. I had read a few books about them. I became more interested in them after the sighting, read more about them. I am no longer afraid of them---I would like to have a similar encounter again. If they meant to harm us, they would have done so long ago; if they meant to harm me that night, they would have done so. We are under observation by another intelligent civilization, much more highly advanced than we are. At this time, with this world's religions teaching that we are unique, there would be world-wide panic if there would be official contact. Also, any contact would have to be conducted such that no diseases could be passed back and forth to infect unprepared immune systems, such as when the Europeans first contacted the natives of the Americas and the South Pacific.

Reported Sighting? 



Dwight C. Smith

Your Location: 

Douglass, KS USA



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