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UFO Sighting Report



salford, lancashire, United Kingdom


a black delta shaped airbourne craft moving slowly and silently sideways towards me over 300 sightings of it were reported from liverpool to eccles approx 30miles

Date Reported:

9/21/2013 4:00:25 PM

Sighting Time: 




No. of Witnesses: 



3-4 mins

Size of Object(s)


Description of Area / Surroundings

its an urban area with the ship canal and numerous container bases and a large industrial estate in the vicinity I ncidently the ship canal terminates at liverpool where the first sightings were reported

Full Description & Details

january 1995.driving home with my wife and 15yr old grandaughter from salford to winton ecclesAs i approached the traffic lights at the junction of eccles old rd and gilderbrook rd,i noticed a very bright light that i thought was a police helicopter searchlight As the lights were against me, i stopped ,and the light came closer,my grandaughter pointed out that it wasnt an helicopter and asked me what it was,by this time it was stationary over the m602 roundabout,.It was ablack delta shaped craft with lights at each corner of the delta and a very bright beam directed at the ground emanating from beneath the middle section of the craft.Iwound my window down expecting to hear the roar of engines,but it was silent,as for its size i can only guess,as there was nothing i could gauge it against,but having been in the army, i had seen the ''V'' BOMBERS during the nuclear bomb tests in the PACIFICand the ufo reminded me of the Vulcan ,mainly because of its shape but without the rear mounted engines,The lights[traffic] had changed to green and had to driveon, turning right away from the craft that was still static,It was reported in our local paper that over 300 sightings had been reported that evening as far afield as liverpool 30 miles away..Soon after this sighting,i was watching a programme about ufos and a section was about a group of black delta shaped craft had been observed over brussels in belgium and one of observers had drawn a sketch of what he'd seen,and it was exactly like that ,that we had seen, can i just point out that our sighting took place somewhere between 6pm and 7pm cant remember exactly ,this report can be verifiedthe local paper is the SALFORD REPORTER AND ADVERTISER ,

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

this was definately a manufactured craft,that have been observed before and after our sighting

Witness Background

coal miner, soldier[army engineer] heavy earth moving equipment operator Educated at Bolton technical college hnc level

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

i;m old enough to remember many unexplained events over the years and like most people of my era we were subjected to ufo movies that made us laugh but stirred an interest in the subject

Other Comments

approxmately a year after our encounter two men workin on the roads in the same area claimed to have seen a black delta shaped craft

Reported Sighting? 



ken johnstone

Your Location: 

salford uk