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UFO Sighting Report


Over the years...


Perth, Australia


Contact..a mixture of things just to talk about..

Date Reported:

5/23/2016 10:46:49 PM



Appearance / Description of Object(s)

The place I work at is built on the floor plan of one of the ships from the star wars movie..Hmmm.

Description of Area / Surroundings


Full Description & Details


Well, I can tell you a number of things that have happened but I will only speak of a few just to speak of the 'communication' that occurs with contact. It is not just with 'experiences' that these things occur and there may be some out there that know exactly what I am saying and might ease your nerves a little. I was at work and sitting with a woman who has dementia and is bedridden..not making much sense if she did choose to speak. For a little while now, I have been worried how some abductees have been implanted and hoping that I didn't have one unaware. I was feeding this woman and suddenly, she just took my hand and looked on the back of it and said..'are you branded'?? Just like that!! This woman took my hand and checked the back of it and said..'Oh no, you are not branded'!! This was something that she just said..no topic brought up for her to even bring up the subject (well not verbally anyway) and she didn’t have the mental capabilities to converse that way anyway. This is a type of communication that is active and still amazes me to this day.

Many Times I would level out and start telling myself..'This can't be happening..it is all in my head..I am having a conversation with myself..am I scitz??!!' ...you know, the 'human common sense' kicks in. Sooooo, I started to ask for confirmation. One night at work, I saw one of these men (men, as in knowing that he was more than human as such) speaking to another man (human). This man had his back to me. I continued to speak to him telepathically even though he was already speaking out loud with someone else. I just, off the top of my head, asked..'are you married?'. This man, whilst STILL in converse with someone, swung his left arm across his chest and rested his left hand on his shoulder (he had his back to me don't forget). I saw that there was no wedding ring and said..'OK..thank you..' and he then put his hand down again. I WAS DUMBFOUNDED!! There goes the old ‘shock of confirmation' again..but, you know..I still wanted more. The 'more than once' theory? So, I was in one part of the building where he was nowhere in sight but I was STILL conversing with him. I said to him..'I would like you to come over to this section so I can see you ..come right through those doors right now please..' I heard the door open and, sure enough, there he was. I could hardly keep the smile off my face!! Well, needless to say, I am at peace with it now..sort of..still takes my breath sometimes. The funny thing is..when I am alone with such a 'person', it is hard to make a social conversation because it is all being said without words..emotions go along with the 'silent conversations' and a conversation out loud seems almost useless. Like, there was one Time that he opened a door for me and out loud, I said..'Thank you' then went on to say in silence, 'Thankyou..that was very nice, I like to have the door opened for me. I like a man to have manners like that' ..a far cry from just 'Thankyou' out loud.

Many Times I have asked, in prayer, what to do about a particular situation. As I am conversing telepathically, I am answered by someone just passing by at that particular Time or, some people will be having a conversation and one will say something just as I get to the group that will answer me. For a trivial example, just say that I need to buy something but have no idea what colour is needed, I will ask (telepathically) which colour is the one that is needed for the task..blue or green? As I approach, it is like my ‘ears prick up’ and I will hear only one sentence clearly from that group..and it may be ‘oh I like the green one..’ and that will be it. It will work out that it was the correct colour that I needed.

A verse from the Bible: ‘..You even move the lips of sleepers…’


2Day after day they pour forth speech;

night after night they reveal knowledge.

3They have no speech, they use no words;

no sound is heard from them.

4Yet their voice goes out into all the earth,

their words to the ends of the world.

Just thought I would add this bit..just for 'someone' out there. Don't forget..The Lord is THE TOP STEP. Yes He had written that there was hybridding in Genesis..that another race come upon the earth and interbred with human woman. He also speaks 'coming from the skies and gathering up all that are His ..being 'taken' from the earth in the 'twinkle of an eye'. I think we have come far enough to know what this means!! The only problem is, so do a lot of the other dark ones..that is why God is being supressed in these last days, 'they' are dragging more and more away with the delusion that we are all from aliens. Sure, there are some that have been interfered with genetically, but we all originate from the Supreme Being.

'Call out to Me and I will show you GREAT and 'UNSEARCHABLE' things that you do NOT know..'

Do you think your mind can take it??

Witness Background

Trainer and assessor fro health industry/preceptor for nursing students/aged and disability

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting


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