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UFO Photographs: 1960s

April 2, 1966  -  Balwyn, Melbourne, Australia

Background Information / Description:

Known in Australia as the Balwyn UFO, this curious bell-shaped object was photographed by a businessman from his garden in the Melbourne suburb of Balwyn. The UFO was sighted on April 2, 1966 and the picture was taken a few minuts after two o'clock in the afternoon with a Polaroid camera. The case was meticulously documented by the Victorian Flying Saucer Research Society (VFSRS) of Moorabbin, with sketches of camera angles, distances, sun azimuths, and notations on light reflections from the UFO. Much was made of the chimney in the photo as a reference point to calculate distances and elevations. The Society noted that the photo showed "no sign of multiple exposure, montage, or any other tampering."

Source / Credit: Knight

Photograph ID: 336 ID: 336

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