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November 23, 1951  -  Riverside, California, USA

Background Information / Description:

Guy B. Marquand, Jr., who made this picture on a mountain road near here, says the object above the skyline is a "flying saucer." Marquand claims that he and two friends saw the object fly past at a very high rate of speed, and when it came back, he had his camera ready to make the picture.

Further info from UFOs at Close Sight website:

Guy B. Marquand, Jr. of Riverside, California, submitted this as a bonafide UFO on November 23, 1951. Interviewed March 24, 1952 by the Air force, Marquand admitted that the whole thing was a hoax. He said it started out as a gag which got out of control when press took over. The object was tire cover from 1937 Ford.

Interestingly, the hoaxed photographed has been presented again decades later by the controversial Colonel Philip Corso in his Roswell fantasy book as the first of a series of "true" UFO photographs

Source / Credit: U.S. Air Force Project Blue Book / credit: Corbis/Bettmann

Photograph ID: 211 ID: 211

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