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UFO Photographs: 2000 to Present

August 16, 2002  -  Carolina Beach, NC, USA

Background Information / Description:

From HBCC UFO Research:

Near Carolina Beach Date: Friday, August 16, 2002 Time: 10:00 p.m.

HBCC UFO Notes - The witness makes no claims that this was a UFO in anyway, but he doesn't have any answers for what he and his wife witnessed. If it was lights from object, or a natural phenomena it still remains a mystery. Also i would like to add I will be posting several photos this fellow sent to me he took of the beautiful sighting. Well worth looking at. I will report when photos are on my site.

Hi Brian...

My wife and I live near Carolina beach, N.C. We decided to go outside , since it was one of the first cool nights in a while. I sat down with a cup of coffee on the back patio, sighed and slumped down in my chair. When I looked up...I was a little startled to see several fairly bright lights in the sky at about a 45 degree angle to the North of our home. At first, I thought "helicopters"...but after watching closely for about 15 minutes...they never moved. In fact, the thought of spotlights came to my mind...but I discounted that theory when I realized that the lights were above a fairly heavy cloud cover. The reason I knew that was the " halo" effect around each light. I looked for the moon...to see if the lights could somehow be moonlight coming from holes in the cloud cover. The moon was to the south...almost full..also with a large halo.

Closer examination of the phenomena revealed that the lights formed an almost perfect square. My first inclination was that they were located at the corners of some object...but because of the clouds...I couldn't tell whether I was seeing four separate objects or one large object. My wife suggested I get my camera. I did. I took several photos...all of them very disappointing with the digital cam. I tried taking an mpg movie...but when I viewed it, the lights did not show up at all.

I managed to get a tripod and take exposures ranging from 1-8 seconds on F2. The pictures showed the lights...but they had a blue cast because of the low light. Two pine trees in my back yard could not be seen either. I took the pictures and downloaded them on my computer...then enhanced one of them in Photoshop to brighten it. The trees then showed up...and the lights took on a more realistic appearance. The only manipulation was to brighten the overall picture. I am including the enhanced image...along with the others in separate e-mails because they are large files. I am also including a shot of the moon taken that same night to the south and one daytime picture of the same scene the next day. I can, at your request, furnish full images on cd. Thanks

Thank you to the witness for sending me the report and photos.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.


Thanks to Brian Vike, HBCC UFO Research

Source / Credit: HBCC UFO Research / Brian Vike Original source webpage / article

Photograph ID: 189 ID: 189

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