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UFO Photographs: 2000 to Present

May 25, 2001  -  Kilsyth, Victoria, Australia

Background Information / Description:

Report received by UFO Hotline -
Ross Dowe nsc@post.com

Australia Victoria Melbourne -
Wantirna 9.55 PM

Respondents report sighting a dark grey disc or saucer shaped aerial object flying over the Knox area of Melbourne.

The object "appeared to be round or saucer shaped with silver sides and also appeared to have a small dome underneath it with a half of dozen large lights on the circumference of the main body of the disc."

At first it was thought to be a Blimp but upon analysis "it was only a 1/4 of the size a the blimp and far too big for a garbage bag hoax"'.

The unidentified flying object travelled about 20 kms to the north before turning right to the east towards Ringwood, it was seen for about 5-8 minutes and there was not sound, the air was still and very cold (snow), everyone inside by winter fires. ___

UFO Hotline
Ross Dowe nsc@post.com

Source / Credit: Rense.com Original source webpage / article

Photograph ID: 68 ID: 68

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