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UFO Photographs: Pre-1940

January 1, 1939  -  Organ Cave, West Virginia, USA

Close-up of the photograph taken near Organ Cave, West Virginia in 1939.

The full original photograph, with a circle drawn around the object.

Background Information / Description:

UFO In 1939 Family Album Photo

From DK

This was sent to me from my friend Chris Miller in West Virginia. I am forwarding it.

-- Original Message --

Hey Guys ,

I am in the middle of making a Family tree Video for my own Grandmother. She gave me approximately 1000 pictures to scan, and look what I found in the bunch....

This photo was taken in 1939 Near Organ Cave, West Virginia .

This is my Grandfather ( Left ) and His Brother.

Source / Credit: Rense.com

Photograph ID: 295 ID: 295

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