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July 11, 1971, 3.30 PM  -  Floridad, Uruguay

Background Information / Description:

July 11, 1971, 3.30 PM
Floridad, Uruguay

When Hector Rufino Delgado saw a strange, disc-shaped craft approaching him, flying on its side, he grabbed his camera - and shot a series of six pictures when the object changed its position and passed him and disappeared in the opposite direction. Please compare the enlargement with the Turkish UFO photos we show in the next two month! (Courtesy: Wendelle C. Stevens)


At about 3:30pm on July 11th 1977, Sr. Hector Rufino Delgado, 29, a horticulturist, was working in his greenhouse at the rear of his home in Florida, Uruguay. It was a magnificent day with an almost clear blue sky, and the temperature, in spite of the winter season, was almost spring-like. A light breeze was blowing in from the east. Suddenly, Sr. Delgado heard a high pitched humming sound, "Something like that produced by an electric motor, or a ventilator." He nevertheless paid little attention to the noise and continued with his work. The humming increased in intensity, but a few seconds later it decreased until it was almost imperceptible. In less than a minute, the humming came back to audible level again and increased once more. This time its tone was a little sharper. "It was not constant, but its intensity increased and decreased perceptibly, and the same with the tone," said Sr. Delgado. The witness began to wonder about the possible origin of the sound. He laid down the tools he was using and went to the doorway to look out. He saw, some 200m from his position and no more than 50m above the ground, a silver disc-shaped object moving smoothly, suspended in the air. "I was slow to react; never had the thought occurred to me that I might encounter a thing like this... but there it was, swinging gently as it balanced itself in the air a few meters above the ground," assured the witness. After a few moments of indecision, Rufino ran to the house to get his camera. He grabbed the camera and raced back, fearing the strange object might leave. "I ran as fast as I was able. When I was looking for my camera in my house, I wondered if it would really be worth while to photograph the object, or whether it would be there when I came out of the house and got back. However from the doorway of my house, I saw it again, no longer suspended motionless in the air, but moving very slowly toward the south." He barely arrived back out at the greenhouse when he stopped to take a picture, but he saw that some trees would be in the way. He ran to a better location. "When I took the first photograph the UFO was still moving very slowly toward the south, but I had barely snapped it when the object drastically altered its velocity and trajectory and commenced some climbing maneuvers as it increased its elevation above the ground," declared the witness.

Source / Credit: Michael Hesemann Original source webpage / article

Photograph ID: 23 ID: 23

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