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October 13, 2004  -  Oceanside, Oregon, USA

Background Information / Description:


Was taking pictures of sun set.I got one picture of the object,one picture later showes only a faint spot that looks like a smole ring.

Sighting Time: 655pm
Day/Night: Dusk/Evening
Duration: picked up by camera
No. of Witnesses: 4
Urban or Rural: rural
No. of Object(s): Single
Size of Object(s): very large
Distance to Object(s): 8 to 15miles is a guess
Shape of Object(s): Disd with a dome on top
Color of Object(s): shine bright

Full Description & Details:
I was standing on the deck of a vacation cottage we had rented for a week taking pictures of the sun set. when I took this pictures i looked at it after i took it in the previewer saw this object showed it to the other people with me and took another picture that has the faint object in it that looks like a small smoke ring.The deck we were standing on is close to 80 feet above the ocean I would guess. That would put the skyline out about 10 miles. the sun was well below the horizen and I belive the obvect had to be far out there and very large.

Personal Background:
retired cabinet maker

Other Comments:
! willsend a picture attchment with verry little else in the E-mail

Reported Sighting? Yes
Reported To: u.f.o.com
Location: KIngston Wa. united states of america
Age: 67

Source / Credit: J.L. / UFO Evidence Original source webpage / article

Photograph ID: 329 ID: 329

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