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November 25, 2005  -  Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Background Information / Description:

RS: I have a picture of a UFO. My Name Is Rob S_____. I live in Edmonton, Canada I'm pretty tired right now and I have to work in the morning but I think I have a pic you guys would like. I showed it to a few people and it blew them away. Anyway, I have the pic still on my flashcard and the camera. It is for sale. I made some hard copies.

One of my friends who is into computers took a look at it an it blew his hair back!

Anywho, I'm not gonna sit on it long. I just want get rid of it. But some people I know who saw it were mentioning some pretty big numbers.

I'll sell the camera and flash card along with the rights to the photo for no less than 30 grand USD. And all hard copies(disc)will be given to the buyer. I have some restrictions if I sell it, like I want to be anonymous.The buyer will know who I am though. Pic was taken Nov 25 2005 in Vancouver Island Canada. Daylight. Clear object.

These images are low resolution. The original still shows a lot more. RS: I really don't know what to do with this but I know I don't want to devalue it also at the same time I feel like people should see the pic. Any suggestion?? Rob RS: Yeah you can put it up and out there if you want, I'm real busy. I do have the original still on the flashcard.

Rob RS: It's not fake. Unless my camera did something I don't know about. The pic was taken on a canon digital 3.1 megapixel camera. The setting was at Automatic. I was taking a picture of the boat in the back ground, the China shipping lines boat. When I took the picture there was nothing in the air, I didn't even know I had the object in the pic until I came home a week later and went through my pictures, and I was like...."what is that??"

Anyway, it was taken on the ferry that goes to Vancouver Island. It was really windy that day. I will send you the Pic I took before and after the one you have, also a video clip so you have an idea of the weather conditions. Someone else told me they thought it was fake. I really don't care, I just want to know more about the pic.

If interested, or you have questions or comments regarding the image, email Rob directly at surdive@telus.net.

(thanks to Rense.com for this information and photograph)

Source / Credit: Rense.com Original source webpage / article

Photograph ID: 401 ID: 401

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